Thursday, February 09, 2012

Life without the Black Screen

What three years without a TV means:

1.     A packed board game closet but an uncluttered mind.
2.     Overstuffed bookshelves to dust, overdue library fines but more family read aloud time.
3.     The “Madonna”, as my children know it, is a kitchen statute of Our Lady, not the sad singer of Superbowl’s halftime.
4.     “Dancing with the stars” according to my kids, means to dance under the angel’s lights. (Bless their hearts, they choreograph their own musical shows with unflattering puppets crafted after me.)

5.     I decide what’s cool, not ads, not MTV, Disney or Nickolodeon and I don’t have to hear another song mistaking “love” for something it’s not. But I think I’ve heard enough of the a capella repeat version of “Oh when the saints go marching in…!”
6.     News of the day is someone losing her tooth; the little birdies flying out of the nest from the birdhouse; a raspberry growing out of the garden or “Mamaaa, she teased me again.”
7.     I don’t run to Kohl’s and wind up buying something I don’t need just cause there’s an end of the season sale.   The girls just run to my closet for dress up time.
8.     Nobody has to rush through dinner or the family rosary or rearrange anybody’s schedule for a show on what the modern family is like.   Entertainment is the reality TV version of the Hazard Hillbillies.
9.     Three kids running in the house wild on a cold, rainy day; more unnecessary offers to draw for my blog.
And finding evidence of pretend games with an imagination running wild:

10.  And finally, no cable TV bills!

But shucks, I do miss seeing the world through The Amazing Race.

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