Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The treasure of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

A coin is not just a coin to my daughter.  It could mean a gum, a sticker, a lighted candle, or if it’s her lucky day, a stuffed animal.   Maybe that is why at two years old, she swallowed one.
Yes, she gulped a coin down, prompting me to dial 911 in panic.  Before the medics came, I showed her several coin sizes and asked her which one she’d popped into her mouth.  She pointed to the penny. The ER doctor performed some type of procedure under general anesthesia to dislodge it from her throat.   He later showed us the nickel that he’d removed and joked, “Wow that’s some kind of slot machine you got.  She swallowed a penny and produced a nickel.  That’s a 500% return on investment.”
Pretty neat, huh?  I’ve spawned the goose that lays golden eggs.  I’d offer to take your money and have her proliferate it to get you through this recession but I wouldn’t want to go through an ordeal like that again. 
What I can offer you though is something more priceless; something that lasts through eternity, something Cardinal Luigi Ciappi refers to as the ‘Marian multiplier.’ It works this way.  By consecrating yourself to Mary, you deposit all that you are and have to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and she purifies and multiplies your offering by her spotless merits, takes it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and voila, you can withdraw infinite graces down on yourself, your family and your home.
As the most perfect of creatures, Mary’s heart was entrusted with the riches, glories and the secrets of heaven.  If you pool all your worth into her chest, she will distribute to you treasure upon treasure.   Then, she will show you Jesus, formed in her Immaculate womb, himself.
 The safest, fastest and surest way to Jesus is through the way he first came, through Mary.  She’s our guide not our goal; the role model, not the idol; our mother and intercessor, not Our Lord. 
  So if you want Christ in your heart at ATM speed, click here for the consecration to Mary.
Wonderful.  You did it. Now you can expect a bullion of blessings to knock you over your head and I won’t have to worry about someone kidnapping my precious goose. 

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