Thursday, March 01, 2012

When Not-hairy met Silly
We met at a bar (gasp!) in Las Vegas (gasp, gasp!) and were married 10 months later (gasp, gasp, gasp!).  Sounds like a bad chick flick trailer, I know but that’s not actually how the greatest love story of my life started. 
It began on a crisp April morning in Banneux Belgium at (a little known but Church approved) apparition site of Our Lady of the Poor.  We were supposed to go all the way to Lourdes, France but my uncle (designated driver) was too tired to drive that day and perhaps providentially, Our Lady saw how poor in spirit I was that she beckoned me over.
Now let’s rewind for a bit and get a close up of my rosary-loving aunt and uncle. Their relationship is so smooth, uncomplicated, exotic and fun –they should be a poster for a good, Catholic chick flick.   In my book, they were.
Capitaine Cook
Anyway, on the way over to Belgium, (after praying the rosary of course) they tell me they got married because my aunt asked Our Lady for a sign to show her if she should marry my uncle.  She asked Our Lady to have him wear something blue when he came over one evening.  As fate would have it, he wore blue from head to toe.  
This is where the copycat Silly heroine comes in. Kneeling before Our Lady of the Poor, I ask for her to write my love story with a preferably blue-eyed man and to give me a sign that I’d met the man God wanted me to marry: a blue bell flower. 
Fast forward 3 years later:  I move to Las Vegas and join what I think is a Catholic singles prayer group.   I should have known we weren’t going to be saying any prayers when the meetings were held in bars/clubs/restaurants on Friday nights but for lack of a social life, I go anyway. 
So. Enter a not-hairy, impertinent man who steals my seat when I leave for the powder room.  Doesn’t even offer to move or pull up a chair for me when I get back.  Argues with me instead, mumbling something about “Finders keepers…” Right then and there, I know this is NOT the man I am going to marry.
 But what do you know?  Not-hairy takes me out one night, dashes into a shop, pulls out a glass blue bell flower and buys it for me.  This was after confessing he stole my seat to spark a conversation. (Smooth move, huh?) And after I concede that a blue-eyed man who makes me laugh stole my heart along with my seat.      
        What else could I say when he asks me to marry him before a life sized statue of Our Lady?
Till death do us part.
If you think Not-hairy, Silly and little blue-bell picking girls live happily ever after in the land of family-rated feel-good movies, you’ve got another think coming.  We go through trial and tragedy like every body else and experience vow-testing sickness and heal
th, richer or poorer, for better or for worse moments.
But we have graces from the Lady that brought us together who is the Queen and Mother of our family, who binds us with the rosary beads we offer and we can live each day knowing that:

         Roll tide roll. I mean, roll credits roll.
         (Shameless plug: if you like this story, you'll probably like the two novels it inspired.  See right column.)


Newnews said...

I love this story---I wish they did make Catholic chic flixs-----this would make a great one.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you NewNews. Feel free to forward this link to a producer because I would like to see Jim Caviezel or Eduardo Verastegui play my husband (with blue contacts) HAHA.

Laurie Lucas said...

I was friends with my husband's sister and when certain people would suggest that we should get together, I always said he was to good for me. A very good friend,'God rest her soul' Suggested I pray the novena to St. Therese' I did and on the 5th day my friend called to ask if I received my rose. No, was my answer. She was quite and then told me to check my mail. I did and in it was a thank-you card for a bridal shower gift, the stamp on the envelope was a rose with the word LOVE! Of course I second guessed the whole thing and did the novena again, after I did the thank you novena for something I was second guessing! The second time I was getting summer clothes out and putting winter ones away, when a picture fell out of a pile of clothes. It was of a rose bush!It was taken by my grandmother, who was deceased at the that time. I sat down and cried. I also stepped out on faith after this, and would not date anyone. I was waiting for the man I already knew I was going to marry!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Laurie, I should write a book compilation on Love Stories written by the finger of God.

Monica said...

What a great love story Anabelle!