Monday, June 04, 2012

I Need Big Brother

“Mama, I wish I had a brother because I’m tired of fighting with my sister on who gets to be the boy and the girl when we play.”
 I agree it’s a compelling reason to have a brother. Sisters are wonderful especially when you’re the same size as teenagers cause you’re wardrobe is multiplied and they’re great when you need an ear to listen to everyday adult nonsense.  Male cousins are a hoot to hang out with when they’re not teasing you or steering your wagon off a cliff.  But a big brother who protects, who advises, who brings home cute guy friends and who’s a role model who I can look up to… never had one of those.  And for right now, neither do my girls.
Luckily, we were able to borrow a favorite boy playmate for an afternoon.   Not even ten minutes with us, I heard the girls pester him, “We’re going to play princess.  Please, A, please, can you be the prince?”
“No,  I wanna be the ninja.”
“How bout we call you Prince Ninja?”
“Uhhh…okay. I guess I could be the prince who knows martial arts and karate.”
         Just perfect, I thought, a little man who lives to please and protect. Keep those dragons and boys away from my future nuns, Master A!  (And this little guy does a good job of protecting, too.  He chased a stray dog off our property with a sword and swears he doesn’t need help crossing the street because he’s got “Spidy sense”.  All that and a dimple on each cheek make me want to adopt him.)
My girls found a temp brother but I have none.   No wait.  I actually have one.  It’s just that *sigh* He lives in heaven or if he’s on earth, I have to drive over to the Adoration Chapel or receive Holy Communion to see Him.  I can’t pick up a phone and call Him or have Him over for dinner.  I can’t ask Him if he likes my old mud pie better than my french silk pie or laugh at the good ole days we rode our bikes downhill and skinned our knees together.   All I do is read stories about Him in three books that say the same things and I’m not in any of those stories.  And then He’s so perfect, it makes me feel like the black sheep before Our Blessed Mother and Heavenly Father. Sniffle, sniffle.
 I turn to the Sacred Heart statue and hold a pity party.   When I’m done, this is what comes out of my fingers:
I don’t know what your brother is like but I’ve got the best big brother in the world. He knows me inside out more than anyone I know (since my mother’s womb in fact), baptized me Himself, and officiated my Holy Matrimony as well.  He gave me a husband who loves the rosary, my lasagna and who provides comforting, protective hugs.  He's blessed me with parents, biological sisters, sisters-in-Christ and children who make me laugh and sanctify me.  He’s more than a superhero.  He can heal and read minds and hearts.  He is just a prayer away.  He forgives me with kindness and gentleness in the Confessional even though I’ve repeated my favorite sins over the years. He understands my pain beyond skinned knees.  He rejoices when I’m having childlike fun with the kids biking, swimming, and learning science outdoors.  He offers advise in the gospels, repeating them in case I don’t get it right away.  He’s kept me healthy and safe for over 30 years, even caught the red wagon in the nick of time when it was hurtling toward the end of the cliff.  He’s steered my endangered soul to safe harbor through the Church he entrusted to his buddy, St. Peter. He’s got the best friends in the apostles and saints who’ve paved the way to holiness.  And He, though King of all creation, died for me. 
          Imagine that.
          I want to grow up just like Jesus, so I can be with Him forever.  
If there's someone or something missing in your life, go to the Sacred Heart.  He will fill your heart to overflowing.
        Novena for the Sacred Heart Feast Day starts today (though Padre Pio said the prayers daily).  Link to the novena is here

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