Friday, June 15, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas on Gardening

St. Thomas Aquinas proved the existence of God using the Garden Allegory. He said that in a jungle, if there is a patch of land that resembles a garden that is cultivated, planted and weeded, then there must be a gardener.  Order, he concludes, does not randomly appear in chaos. (And on that note, the Big Bang Theory just sounds as goofy as my pre-schooler explaining to me that all ladybugs are female.)
            This week, I took pictures of our front and backyards to illustrate the Garden Allegory through the virbant, rainbow colors of life. Who needs the 7 wonders of the world when you've got them outside your window?

            Red Tomatoes

            Orange Monarch Butterflies

            Yellow Sunflowers and Bees

            Green Beans

            Robin’s Blue Eggs

            Indigo Blueberries

            Violet flowers 
(Sorry I forgot the name.  I have to ask my mother in law/florist/gardener/green thumb.  I’m just the photographer.)      

            Let them praise the name of the Lord. For he spoke, and they were made: he commanded, and they were created. Psalm 148:5

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