Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Where I was 9 years ago

Nine years ago, we did this:

          (You're looking at my back because I walked down the aisle with a puffy stye gatecrashing on my eyelid from a freak accident when my dad squirted Wd-40 oil on me while aiming for the creaky  door hinge.  After the reception was over, the fake eyelashes that were glued to my cactus-thorn-size  eyelashes refused to come off. So, my husband spent our honeymoon night snipping off all of my eyelashes and trying to convince me that a woman could still be beautiful with fat and bald eyelids. Yes, we were in love.)

Nine years later, we know this:

       "Matrimony crushes selfishness, first of all, because it merges individuals into a corporate life in which neither lives for self but for the other; it crushes selfishness also because the very permanence of marriage is destructive of those fleeting infatuations, which are born with the moment and die with it; it destroys selfishness, furthermore, because the mutual love of husband and wife takes them out of themselves into the incarnation of their mutual love, their other selves, their children; and finally it narrows selfishness because the rearing of children demands sacrifice, without which, like unwatered flowers, they wilt and die...And so true is this that there is generally less selfishness in large families than in small ones."
                                                                                        --Archbishop Fulton Sheen,
                                                                                         The Cross and the Beatitude

          It's hard to add to anything this man says, but he didn't know how Our Lady wrote my lovestory, so I had to write it in my own words in an earlier post.

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