Monday, July 23, 2012

What's Mother Angelica got to do with an Illumination of Conscience?

I owe you an apology.  If you’ve read my version of an Examination of Conscience, and I made you believe facing God’s judgment was amusing, I am sorry.  I’ve actually read a few near-death experiences of cradle Catholics who testify that seeing their entire lives flash like a movie and knowing how much their sins offend God is anything but funny.  
I don’t know what I was smoking when I wrote that piece –maybe too many Mother Angelica shows.   That’s right, I blame her.  But I hope she’ll forgive me when I say that when I need a good laugh, I look for her shows or read her books. Who needs senseless sitcoms or Catholic chick lit when there’s Mother Angelica reruns, I ask?
These days however, my favorite nun is unable to write new books. Plus, we cut off the TV three years ago and can't get on youtube for videos till next month so my mood is not sunny.  Hence, the curious need to impress on you that in reality, an illumination of conscience is a serious matter when one’s soul is in a state of un-confessed mortal sin. At least, that’s what these four eyewitnesses say (and I for one believe them):

1.     Gloria Polo
2.     Stanley Villavicencio  With endorsement by Ricardo Cardinal Vidal.  There's a youtube version, too.
3.   Fr. Steven Scheiers - as interviewed by Mother Angelica.  (Thank you Mary for posting this video!)
4.     Marino Restrepo -long one but powerful.

You don’t have to read or watch them if you don’t want to (though they are extremely life changing and the link is provided for your convenience). But I need to appease my conscience because it’s clucking its tongue at me that I’ve misled some of you when I misrepresented the gravity of facing one’s conscience at the final moment of death.  And I really don’t want y’all to be coming back for me from the afterlife… with poltergeist anger.   When really, the one person you should be mad at is Mother Angelica. (Yes, still blaming her.)
            I know it’s impossible to stay mad at this famous living saint who’s transformed TV by entertaining when she preached.  Even Anne Rice (pioneer of the dark vampire novels) admits that Mother Angelica, the “amusing little nun” was the apostle that reached her and helped foster her return to Catholicism.  Who doesn’t love Mother Angelica, right?  I know I’d gladly call myself her apostle (and justify my attempts at comedy based on her example).
            You and I both know that Mother Angelica’s charism is her sense of humor.  Humor, like Latin, is a universal language that cuts across cultures.  She held a captive audience whenever she made us chuckle, even though sometimes she had harsh words to say to liberal America.  Because more appealing than the fact that she was funny, was that she was right.  She spoke the truth.
When we read Mother Angelica’s biography about how she started up a network and bought a TV satellite with empty pockets and oodles of pure faith and trust, her pluck just won us over.  When we learned of her tenacity at opening her own printing press though she knew nothing of operating the machinery, that was just another reason to adore her.  Pretty soon, we all reached the same conclusion: we didn’t want to be the person who got in Mother Angelica’s way or disagreed with what she had to say.   
 I suppose Mother Angelica’s illumination of conscience will go smoothly for her. Her conscience would seal its’ lips in quivering trepidation and her spouse, Jesus, would be laughing with affection.  
Soooo…this my friends is why I mention Gloria Polo, Stanley Villlavicencio, Fr. Stephen Scheiers, Marino Restrepo and Mother Angelica all in one breath post:  I’m hoping my illumination of conscience will be as agreeable as it can be because I very well know that I can’t point fingers at Mother Angelica or other people when my time comes.  And that means, you can’t pass the buck to me, either!  


mary333 said...

I've always loved Mother Angelica too, Anabelle. Her sense of humor along with her firm manner always struck me just right. I'd laugh watching her shows but I'd learn a lot at the same time.

Thank you for these links. I've heard about a few of them but not all and I will definitely take the time to listen.

mary333 said...

Anabelle, I've watched the Marino Restrepo video twice already. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit the entire time I was watching it. I found it even more powerful than the Gloria Polo testimony. Thanks for letting us know about it. I think I may post it on my blog too - people need to understand the immense holiness of God and how off the mark the world is today.

Anabelle Hazard said...

You're welcome, Mary. Marino Restrepo is a great speaker, too. I was glued to my seat watching listening to him.

JoeRicco said...

Thank you so much for posting that video. I am a lifelong Catholic but have never heard that testimony before. I think as humans and Catholics especially we need to be reminded that we are all called to become saints and that is what our lifes' mission is and our duty to our neighbor. God bless