Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Pro-life, Anti-Contraception Education

On my FB page, news broke out that 160-something professors of my Jesuit alma matter were called for a quasi-inquisition before the Catholic Church for openly publishing their view in support of a population control bill, hotly debated in the Philippines.   The line of questioning focuses whether or not they’ve been teaching heresies in a Catholic institution.   I’ll let my daughter’s artistic arrangement of Vanilla crackers show you my reaction to the chutzpa of the Catholic Church:

On its heels, the Jesuit university president issued a statement that: the University supports the stand of the Catholic Church against the Bill, reiterated that the Catholic doctrines were and are being taught in its classrooms and encouraged the professors to cooperate with the inquiry.  However. It also urged the professors continue in their discernment for “the common good”.  I’ll let the goldfish crackers illustrate my reaction to this questionable socialist-associated term:
Oh, wait.  These are whale crackers -the Walmart cheapo version.  My bad.
            In more recent developments, the Catholic Church indicated it is open to “dialoguing” with the professors to find out why they disagree with Church teachings and to inform them of the correct teachings.  The visual of 160 professors sitting for hours in a classroom, reading “Humanae Vitae” and the “Theology of the Body,” raw, Abby Johnson’s expose on Planned Parenthood in her book “Unplanned;” watching videos of how abortifacient pills kill a baby; listening to testimonies of horrific partial birth abortions by Jill Stanek; pro-life homilies by Fr. Frank Pavone and lectures by renowned theologian Dr. Scott Hahn (and his wife, apologist Kimberly Hahn) on contraception… curved a sweet smile on my mouth, best expressed by the Fruit Loops cereal:
(So proud of me for resisting the immature temptation to include a tongue sticking out.)
            As a former Cafeteria Catholic (who was converted when a holy priest corrected me and recommended I read the “Theology of the Body”), I pray daily for conversions of heart and hope other Catholics take a gigantic cue from the Jesuits’ stand.  For a school that got caught between a rock (Church) and a hard place (160 heads), it chose the Church. Obviously, the Jesuits know that the Church, imbued with the Holy Spirit, is the true depositary of the faith, the guide and formator of saints, and the ultimate teacher of morals.  No one else can give the graces of the Sacraments like the Catholic Church can.  For it is to our Church, not a school, to whom Jesus entrusted with the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  This same Church recognizes that the Divine Law guiding an individual’s soul to eternity is what powerfully transforms the temporal “common good.” Not human law.  
If you are a Catholic who grapples with the Church teachings on contraception and suspect children are the cause of poverty, I recommend you read this article about marriage, contraception and the myth of overpopulation But if you can’t get enough of my writing (:P), here’s an older post on mythbusters to contraception.  (Warning: I'm not as diplomatic as the university president in that post).

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