Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Lady Speaks of Holy Motherhood

Happy Solemnity of the Assumption, children of Mary! On this special feast day, Our Lady wants to speak to you herself. These words are part of several messages given through a chosen soul, Mariamante, for all mothers.  The messages are contained in a book entitled “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” which has received the Imprimatur from Bishop Ottenweller, the Nihil Obstat with an Introduction by Dr. Mark Miravalle and positive reviews from various priests.   

August 11, 1987
“My Triumph is at Hand”
Vision of the Christ Child and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel:

Blessed Mother speaks: “Peace be with you.   Behold the Child Jesus, this Child of love, visible image of the Heavenly father.  He will be your guide to the Father by His example of love manifested so perfectly in His earthly existence.
“Be attentive to the Holy Spirit in your lives so that you will be able to accomplish what He expects of you.  You should be eager to do the will of God in all things.  Pray that you have this willing spirit, and strengthen the flesh with fast and abstinence from those foods not necessary in your daily diet.
“Be at peace with what is happening this weekend. This great feast has been chosen as a special day for me and a great number of graces will be granted to those now living on the earth.  My Triumph is at hand.
“This Feast of the Assumption will be a great feast indeed for it will facilitate a great outpouring of grace to those my faithful followers and children of my Son.  Rejoice for these are great and wondrous times in which you are living, as my Triumph is at hand, gaining momentum daily with each soul who answers yes to my call.  Comply with the Holy Angels in the struggle against evil and all manner of wickedness.  Be alert and do not be deceived by him who opposes my holy forces, the Holy Angels. 
“Call upon St. Michael to deliver you from the evil one.
“My Son wishes to speak to you.”

Christ Child speaks: “My most Holy Mother is a cause for joy to all the Heavenly Angels and Blessed Spirits.  They wait upon her word to do her will which is at all times the will of God.  They are her legions of Blessed Spirits called upon to wage this battle for your souls.  BE attentive to the working of the holy Angels in your lives.  They will help you to accomplish what God has planned for you in your life.
“Enter the light which is grace on the true and perfect path to the Father.  Sing with one accord the hymn to the Father that is your life to be offered up to God for others with love for all to see. Rejoice on this My Mother’s Feast of the Assumption.  She has much in store for you. Continue to follow her decrees and instructions.  She will lead you to Me in eternity.
“Call upon the Saints in your present struggle.  They and the Holy Angels will assist you.”
“Now go in peace as We bless you from Our Hearts.”

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I close with more of Our Lady’s words from scripture (The Magnificat) in my favorite version of the song written by David Haas...


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Beautiful post! I love that book...I had just forgotten about it for a while. thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks. I was just over at your website looking for craft ideas for today!

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If I may gently suggest, there is a facebook page for this book. It can be found at

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Thank you Susan. I didn't know that. I will join the group.