Friday, August 03, 2012

Thank you, Inspiring Catholic Bloggers

Courtesy Instagram user pootz
Don’t hate me but my formula for blog-hopping is pretty disorganized.  I ask the Holy Spirit to steer my ship to something He wants me to read and BOOM, next thing I know, I’m sailing from one blog-harbor to another, docking at some and jumping into a sea of inspiring words and pictures.
 There are days when I just read something and know that that person was listening to the Spirit’s promptings to write something just for me.  (I know the blogging world doesn’t revolve around me but there are some posts that do, okay?)  So here are seven that left me breathless laughing, bobble-nodding, pondering, or sniffling. Thank you Catholic bloggers for writing for God, for the Church and for me.   There are more of you out there but (my favorite when I need to laugh) only has room for 7 quick takes today. Keep inspiring.  If we're looking at the same lighthouse, I'm bound to find your island soon.

1.  “I like to think of real friendship as two persons standing together, holding hands and facing the tabernacle with minds and hearts directed towards Christ.  No amount of nitty-gritty trials and sacrifices one makes for the other breaks those joined hands.  True friends consider it a privilege to serve one another, and if it comes to it, to suffer or even die for one another.”  

2.   “I often hear people say, ‘God loves you just the way you are.’ Yes, He certainly does love us, but maybe the truth is: God loves us too much to leave us just the way we are.”

3.    “…If this Rosary is a photo album of Christ, each decade presents us a picture.  Jesus, of course, is at the center of each picture, but look deeper.  There are not only the surrounding images of the Blessed Mother, angels, or even sinners.  There are background characters that, sometimes, are invisible to us unless we truly contemplate what each picture is showing us.  So I encourage you on your next rosary, really look at each picture.  Try to place yourself in the midst of the setting and ask the Holy Spirit to show you things you may have missed, to unlock the treasure of beauty hidden within each scene from Christ's life…” 

4.   “The next time you're in a full church, pick any pew and compare the number of women to men. Unless your at a special commemoration for the Knights of Columbus, or a bus load of high school varsity football players has decided to stop in for Mass, you'll find that the women easily outnumber the men in church… You've heard the saying, "Behind every great man there's a great woman."  Well when it comes to the Church, perhaps we should say, "In front of every good priest there's about twelve women."

5.  “I received my first Holy Communion when I was 21, minutes after I was confirmed, when I was received into full communion with the holy Catholic Church. I have no idea what it is like to receive the Holy Eucharist when one is a young child. I know this: I deeply desire that any children I have should know our Lord from an early age, and there is no better way for this to happen than that from an early age they should receive the Lord in Holy Communion frequently.” 

6.   “…when I found out that Oreos have apparently been “in the closet” for some time, it crossed a line. Dude, it so crossed a line. I don’t even care that much about Oreos. It’s the principle of the thing. We’ve decided that inanimate tasty treats can take a stand on polarizing issues, abandoning those who morally oppose. And for what? Why? To be trendy? Can’t we just leave the sweet treats to be neutral?... Why have we dragged desserts into this nonsense? Can’t I just have a daggone sweet treat without having to worry if it’s pro-life or pro-abortion, if it endorses the homosexual lifestyle or not?    
7.     “I compare my love of the sea to love of God.  Never having seen Him, I love Him.  I have true ideas of Him, and through His grace I can actually know Him.  Yet there is no way I can know Him in His fullness until I see Him face to face.  I cannot even envision such Totality, and I suspect such vision would overwhelm a human still in the flesh.   Will there be, in eternity, sounds beyond anything we've ever heard here?  Colors not detectable to eyes of flesh?  A thousand dimensions spread before us, in every taste and shade, in every tone and depth, in every texture of Love...”

Thank you Instagram user pootz for the gorgeous pictures. Keep clicking.


tadpoleintofrog said...

Thank you for this post! It's like you went mining for the gems and presented me with the finished jewelry. :)

Thomas at Listening for the Shepherd said...

Thanks for the mention and all the inspiring excerpts.

Nancy Shuman said...

Thank you. Lots of things to ponder here. And thank you for sharing how you sail from one blog harbor to another, asking the Holy Spirit to steer your ship to something HE wants you to read. Wonderful!

AND I love the way you write!

AND I love your cartoon picture, and especially your description of it. I just might steal... um, I mean borrow... that idea and ask my granddaughter to do a Blogger's Portrait of me. After my next diet.

mary333 said...

Hi Anabelle,
Thank you for putting up these inspiring words from other bloggers today. (And for adding mine.) Some of these links I know of but a couple are new to me and I'm going to pop over and visit them.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thanx for the links. More Blogs for me to check on.

God bless.

Gina said...

What tadpoleintofrog said. Ha ha - how blessed am I to be a part of this list, but how doubly blessed I am to now find other inspiring bloggers due to your prayers for wisdom to the Holy Spirit.

Bless you!