Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Queen of Heaven speaks

         On this Feast of the Coronation, I give the floor to Our Queen and let her speak to you once more using her own words.  These words were given to Anne, a lay apostle, from a series of Volumes which has received the permission of her Bishop for printing, endorsed by Archbishop Hannan and Dr. Mark Miravalle. The Volumes (eight of them) are available for download for free at

July 23, 2003 Blessed Mother

My dear children, you may be certain that my favor rests upon you. I am witness to your struggles as you attempt to comply with the will of my Son in your life. You live in a time of darkness and this makes it difficult to be different. Throughout the ages we have called certain souls to advanced or heightened levels of holiness. That is the case now for you, my dear ones. A concentrated effort is necessary to spread the light, light that will come to the world through these words. Be assured that you are on the side of victory, despite the apparent strength of darkness. The time is near for my Son to act in such a way that none will doubt His dominion over this world and all humanity inhabiting this world. Many will convert and be saved. We must increase that number through our efforts now. My Son will reveal His will for each of you individually in your hearts. His plan for the world unfolds before you, and in the same way, His plan for each of you will also unfold, in the silence of your hearts, where you must become accustomed to seeking His divine will. Dear children, never be afraid. There is no need. All of heaven stands ready now to do battle for souls. Truly, ask for help and help will come to you. Do not waste these beautiful graces. They are a gift of the most sublime and precious graces available to souls still on earth. I am with you, dear ones. Be happy and hopeful now, as heaven calls out to her children.

*If you feel called by her words, the rest of the Volumes will not disappoint you.  Heaven lays down a path to holiness that is joyful to walk in and impossible to turn down. 

P.S. Winners of the giveaway were contacted via email.  Please check your spam folder in case it was sorted there.  Thank you to all who participated. 

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