Thursday, September 13, 2012

I need you for a Catholic Love Story Link Up

1. FLASH: Catholics Bloggers! I’m launching a link up of Catholic love stories on this page Or click on the tab on top which says: "Real Life Catholic Love Stories."

2.  I was hoping and praying that some of you out there have a story that is begging  to be shared, a story of how God (or Jesus, Mary, angels or saints) wrote your love story.  So will you remember when you and your spouse fell in love, play your favorite song to get in the mood, squeeze into your wedding gown, watch your wedding video and write a post of how you just knew heaven was involved in making that match?


3. Then post it on your blog and email me the link ( or write it on my comment box and I'll move it up to the list.  If you're not shy about putting your story on my blog as a guest post, shoot me an email and we'll have you lined up next to the other distinguished guests. They'll be featured every Friday starting next week.

4. Thank you! I'd been planning to write a book compilation of Catholic love stories forever but delegating the work to awesome bloggers right now sounds so much better and easier.

5.  I wish I could tell you there’s a contest of the most romantic love story and the winner will get an all expense paid second honeymoon to a destination of choice but my multi-millionaire sponsor is currently as non-existent as the fluffy bearded guy in the red velvet suit.  (Unless you're volunteering?)

6. What are you still doing reading this post when the link above is more important? J

7.  Again, why are you still here when you should be writing that romantic story I can’t wait to read?


Stephanie said...

Hi Annabelle! I just stumbled across your blog thanks to the comments on NFP and Me and am so glad! I've tried, on and off, to do a Catholic love stories feature on my blog, but have had a hard time maintaining it. I love that you're doing the same! I'm going to shoot you an email right now =)

Gina said...

Meh. I dunno how "Catholic" my love story is, but I know I certainly have Our Lady to thank for John (even if he doesn't realize it, himself!).


Anabelle Hazard said...

Gina, Kind of like Elisabeth Leseur whose husband realized it late in life LOL. I'm adding up a bunch of love story links over the weekend, unless you'd like to guest post on how Our Lady worked it out? Email me if you're interested.