Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To My Secret Fan (and Kind Commentators)

Know what’s even better than a secret admirer?  A secret fan. 
Last week, I got the sweetest anonymous letter that someone “loved my work and looked forward to reading more books and blogs.”  Ego aside, let me tell you why it was so awesome to receive that:  because I was dab smack in the middle of my wonky week; on the verge of scrapping my third novel to the series and because the note didn’t come from a girlfriend who is obliged by loyalty to tell me I’m fabulous.
That timely letter inspired me to persevere, to revise, improve and take on the whopping task of another novel.  Knowing the work I have to do (I’m only half-way on my manuscript), I am tempted to say it’s the last one.  But I also know that when you’re working for a Boss that’s unpredictable as He is unlimited, you never say never.   Anabelle Hazard has eaten enough “I’ll nevers” to fatten up all the hungry hippopotamuses of the Sahara.
So to you my “anonymous fan,”  thank you (I guess) for pressuring me with more work J and for being the pen that plowed through my writer’s block wall.  Please pray for me that I don’t chomp down more words.
I have to say though it feels bizarre to think I’ve got a “fan”.   In fact, to be perfectly honest, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat when women older and much wiser than I, came up to me to have me sign my book at a speaking event.  To prevent my vanity from ballooning up to hot air proportions, and to keep the ladies from wondering whether I had an epic wedgie or just accidentally overdosed on someone’s prune juice, I came up with a plan: I’d write a cross and AMDG on top of my name.  Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which means to God be the glory. 
That’s not to say I believe every piece of writing is “divinely inspired” or “written by the finger of God,” but  what I hope is that any good that comes from it is attributed to God but any error, offense or icks will be blamed on my humanity.  So when you see that +AMDG at the end of my posts, what I really mean to say is Glory to God, Mea Culpa to me.  (I guess I should add the disclaimer MC from now on.)
Now before you pounce on the dangerous process of critiquing my writing (either praising it’s mediocrity or wishing no one sent me a letter so that I don’t write another hack novel), I’m going to swing this spotlight around and talk about your talents, ok?
According to Marino Restrepo’s e-book “From Darkness to Light” (a testimony of a Hollywood actor who had a near death experience and was given infused knowledge from Jesus), Jesus considers your baptismal Catholic faith a God-given talent.  This wondrous gift plus the natural human skills you are given are going to be accounted for when you face Judgment.  You will be asked: how much have you multiplied and shared your faith or to what extent have you buried and squandered it?
Another thing Mr. Restrepo mentions is that if you walk in the light and remain in a state of grace, your talents will be guided by the angels.  Angels, like us, are given distinct roles and skills in the hierarchy.  The more you live in the will of God in accord with His commandments, the more angles will be sent to help you, inspire your imagination and illuminate your creativity.  All for the greater glory of God.
  “For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” ~Matthew 25: 19
 Of course, Mr. Restrepo is quick to stress that all the talents in the world are nothing when they are not done in love/charity.  Therefore, to sum up what how God views our successes, this is the formula for the scale of justice:

In short, my dear anonymous fan  sister-in-Christ (and this goes to all the kind commentators of my blog), your charity in taking time to write me a quick line or two means more to me and heaven than three wordy novels ever could.
If you ever feel inadequate about your talents (like I do sometimes about writing), consider that God does not factor in fame, awards, critical acclaim, or monetary rewards. Heaven is cheering you on if your motive is simply to love God and love your neighbor.
                                                                                                     Yours truly,
                                                                                                     Your groupie.


mary333 said...

I'm a fan too, Anabelle. Reading your blog has made me VERY curious about your books. I enjoy your open and humorous style of writing.

I got a lot out of Marino Restrepo's book too. He digs a bit deeper into the Catholic faith than he did on his video. I have to admit that I was somewhat taken aback by some of the things he writes about but once I mulled over it for a while I could understand why so much is expected of Catholics. We have been given a great gift and the responsibility that comes with that treasure is great too.

PS (I'm still snickering over the stuff you burnt - I've burnt a number of things while on the computer. Including a pan that I let all the water boil out of!)

Anabelle Hazard said...

Mary, I'm so glad you recommended the book. Mine are nothing compared to the insights there. LOL on your water boiling fiasco -so glad to know I'm not alone. BTW, would you like to guest post? I'm compiling a series of love stories written by God (or some of the bigwigs in heaven) on my new tab. Would you like to write yours, post on your blog and link up or just guest post? Or keep your business to yourself? HAHA.

mary333 said...

Love stories written by God? Sounds fascinating!

Yes, that means I'm I can't tackle it until after the weekend though.

I barely ever keep my business to myself. (Whether fortunately or unfortunately I do not know... but I expect I'll find out someday.)

Anabelle Hazard said...

Go for it Mary. I've missed your posts since your 2 week absence turned to 3 (yes, I noticed).

mary333 said...

LOl. Yeah, I have a bad habit of stretching out those blog breaks.