Friday, October 26, 2012

Catholic Love Story # 6: Boy Meets God

You’re here to read another love story.  And I’m here to provide you with one that, in my biased opinion, is the best.  It’s a story of a boy who meets God and marries the Church.  At the end of the day, this is why God writes love stories… because He loves the Church so much, He wants to give us future saints.
Did you know that Bl. Zelie Martin wanted to be a religious sister but for some reason, it became clear to her that she was meant to be married?  One day, as she was walking, Bl. Louis Martin passed her and God whispered to her soul:  “There he is.  The man I have chosen for you to marry.”  

The Martins echo the story of our beloved family friend  Fr. Sanchez.  (What kind of family friend am I that his first name now escapes me?) His mother once hoped to be a nun but was denied entry to a convent only to give birth to seven children, all with priestly and religious vocations. How wise Our Lord is to institute the vocation of arranged holy marriages so that there would be more beloved servants of the Church! (You bet I'm expecting a lot from our wonderful guest couples!)
I’m not sure if there will be another boy meets girl story next week.  At least a dozen writers/bloggers committed to writing their love story but haven’t gotten around to it.  So I am at the mercy of their timetable as much as you are.  (They’re not paid for this so I can’t demand deadlines.)   If you want to keep the series going, you can help me pray for their schedule to clear up and inspiration to strike or help me publicize the Real Catholic Stories page so I get more volunteers.  And if I miraculously get one from your intercessions, I’ll post it on a Friday. 
Meanwhile, it’s been an enjoyable run and if you like the fiction kind of romance, there’s always the books I wrote.  Sorry, shameless plugging nagging.
Oh yeah, the boy meets God story. Drum roll please...  TADAHHH! Here it is

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