Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Published

1.   Yipeee! Catholic Lane published one of my earlier posts as a feature article today.  So can I officially call myself a published writer now? 

            2.  I ask this because a critic once scathingly said that “just cause you have a blog, doesn’t mean you’re a writer.”  Phooey. My Catholic bloggie friends, if you feel slighted or challenged by that remark, by all means send your very best posts to Catholic Lane. And while you’re there, read all the great articles from well-known writers like Karen Rinehart, Cheryl Dickow, Lisa Hendley, Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Bill Donohue & Heidi Hess Saxton to name a few. 

I think writers who don't blog are missing out on a vital key button.
3.  In my opinion, most serious bloggers are aspiring writers… just as most lawyers dream of writing books.  Don’t believe me?  Read best-selling authors Emily Griffin’s (of Something Borrowed) and Kristin Hannah’s (of Winter Garden) interview on that:

4. “Emily: I would hardly say I'm cooler than you, Kristin! I hear you live in Hawaii part time! What is cooler than that? I made the transition from lawyer to writer because I was so miserable being a lawyer that I needed some escape from the day-to-day of it. And inventing stories was that escape. I can say, without hesitation, that I will never practice law again. Would you?...
5.  Kristin: Honestly, I have met very few lawyers who don't say that what they really want to do is write. Like you, I can say with certainty that I will never practice law again. Not that anyone would want me to. But I still keep my Bar membership up...just in case this whole writing thing doesn't work out. And yes, in the past few years, I have finally begun to put some of that law school education to work for me. I find that I'm really enjoying adding legal issues to my work. Of course, I have to talk to real lawyers to make sure I'm getting it right...”

            6.  Anabelle:  Uh hello you two, sorry to unexpectedly barge in on your conversion like this, but let me just say I am waaay cooler than you because I blog! And I live in the middle of nowhere in a country house that totally matches our custom-chicken coop. (Tongue-in-cheek here, gals.  Please, don’t sue me and force me to write another legal brief again.)
Fancy chicken house.
       7.   Seriously, I’m not so much celebrating being published as I am celebrating God’s timeliness.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering if I should continue blogging and been struggling with  an uncooperative third novel.  So I asked the existential aspiring-writer question:  “Why bother?”  And it’s at this point that God answers me: “Write for Me. Not for you.”

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8 kids and a business said...

Oh wow! Congratulations, Annabelle. How very well deserved. Thanks for the tip re: Catholic Lane. I'm going to check them out, too. I was just dropping by your blog to get your home link to post on my blog. So glad I did.

Jenna Walker Cremeans said...

You should absolutely keep blogging and writing! And congratulations on your feature article. I have been sending submissions to magazines, but so far no luck. It's good to see another lawyer/writer achieve success!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Jenna. I'm sure I'll see your work on Catholic Lane if you send it to them.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Jenna. I'm sure I'll see your work on Catholic Lane if you send it to them.