Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Promises of Our Lady to Families Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart

I am most thankful to God for the gift of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

Our Lady gave the following promises to families consecrated to her Immaculate Heart via locutions through Fr. Steffano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP).  The message is detailed on July 23, 1987 in the Book entitled “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.”  The Book has received the Papal Apostolic Blessing and an imprimatur. It is available for a donation at www.mmp-usa.netAn excerpt is re-printed here with permission from the MMP:

I look with love on the families consecrated to me.  In these times I am gathering the families and leading them into the depths of my Immaculate Heart, that they may be able to find refuge, security, comfort and defense…I love to be invoked as Mother and Queen of the families consecrated to me.

I watch over their life; I take their problems to heart; I interest myself not only in their spiritual good but also in the material good of all their members.  When you consecrate a family to my Immaculate Heart, it is as though you open the door of your house to your heavenly Mother, invite her to come in, and give her the opportunity to exercise her motherly function in an ever stronger way…

There where I enter in, sin goes out, goes out; there where I stay, grace and divine light are always present; there where I dwell, purity and holiness dwell with me.  That is why my first motherly task is that of making the members of the family live in the state of grace and of making them grow in the life of holiness…Above all I see to the care of your spiritual life.

Because the sacrament of Matrimony confers on you a particular grace to make you grow together, my task is that of cementing deeply the unity of the family, to bring the husband and wife to an ever deeper and more spiritual communion, to perfect their human love, to make it more perfect, to bring it into the Heart of Jesus, so that it may assume the new form of a greater perfection…

I lead their members along the road of sanctity and of joy, which must be built up and traveled through together, that they may be able to attain the perfection of love and thus enjoy the precious gift of peace.  Thus I form the souls of my children, and through the way of the family, I lead them to the summit of holiness.  I want to enter families TO MAKE YOU SAINTS, to bring you to the perfection of love…

The most precious goods of a family is its children.  The children are a sign of particular predilection on the part of Jesus and of me.  The children must be wanted, welcomed and cultivated like the most precious gems of a family estate. When I enter into a family, I immediately look after the children; they also become mine.  I take them by the hand; I lead them to walk along the road of the realization of a plan of God, which has from all eternity already been clearly traced out for each one of them.  I love them.  I never abandon them.  They become a precious part of my maternal estate.

I see to your work in a special way.  I never allow you to be lacking in the assistance of divine providence.  I take your hands and I open them upon the plan which the Lord is carrying out each day, by means of your human   collaboration and by means of your daily work… And then I will help you carry out the plan of the Will of God.  Thus I make the work more fruitful spiritually, because I make of it a source of merit for you and an occasion of salvation for many of my poor lost chidren.  Then, in your person, action is united to love, work to prayer, fatigue to the burning thirst of an ever greater charity….

Do not be afraid; there where I enter in, security enters with me.  Nothing will ever be lacking in you.  I make your activity more perfect; I purify your very work…

I share also in all your preoccupations. I share with you your sufferings.  I am present in families consecrated to me, as a concerned and suffering Mother… Be therefore consoled.

So then go forward in confidence, in hope in silence, in your daily work, in prayer and in humility.  If you walk along the road which I have traced out for you, if you listen and put into practice what I have said to you, your families will be the first buds of my triumph: small, hidden, quiet buds, which are already sprouting in every part of the earth, as though to anticipate the new era and the new times which are even now at your doors…”


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