Friday, November 16, 2012

Runaway Brides, Fashion Victims & Kid Artists

1.  Nope.  No exotic imported guest post for a love story today :( As a consolation prize, I am being exported to the wonderful and internationally popular for a guest post.  

2.  Where I write about the inspiration for my second novel. Excerpt:  “I once belonged to a tight women’s prayer group who secretly called ourselves the “Runaway Brides…” So go head over there   whether you're single or double and try not to compare me to the wonderful guest bloggers I could have featured if they weren't too busy to write.

3.  Bonus: Saturday I get published at Catholic Lane. The title is: "From Fashion Icon to Fashion Victim" via modesty.  

4.  But enough about me and my writing.  Let’s talk about the artist in our house.  If you’re familiar with MODG curriculum, you’ll know that students are supposed to copy a masterpiece for art class.  Here’s the kindergartener’s first attempt:

Note how the reproduction version on the right suddenly sprouted a tall, dark haired female sniffing the flowers.  Initially, I was flattered that my daughter drew me in her artwork until she informed me that: “No, that’s not you.  That’s Tita (Aunt) Jen.”  That’s when I stopped ooing and ahhing over her creativity and became alarmed that she couldn’t follow instructions.

5. On her second try, I tried to encourage her to follow directions by drawing what she saw instead of what she imagined.  (Fine, I’m guilty of stifling creativity.) She came up with this watercolor:

That’s a Picasso original of a child holding a dove.  The artist explained the floating “fairy” in her replica as follows:  “That’s the bird, Mom! I couldn’t draw it small inside her hands, so I drew it beside the girl.”  I’m a little placated by the ingenious solution.  But it's too early to label her a "prodigy." ;)

6. Here's the artist with her self-designed “earrings.” 
<3 right?

7.  Here's her future partner in the fashion jewelry business with her own creations.

Stay tuned: Next week I might model what they custom designed for me.

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theveilofchastity said...

Your girls are beautiful and the paintings are better than what I could do! God bless, Cindy

8 kids and a business said...

Annabelle, found your article on Catholic Lane. It was fantastic and I encourage everyone to read it. I'm embarassed to admit that your girls can draw/create much better than I can...LOL!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you Cindy. Terry, double thank you!