Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunrise To Sunset At The Beach

Once upon a blue fall moon, the Hazards packed up and braved the busiest travel day of the year.  The road trip was pretty uneventful by Hazard standards:  whiny meltdowns, 27,864 “Are we there yets?”, a car sickness accident… all caused by crawl-brake-crawl traffic jams before we finally arrived to a cool, breezy evening on the seventh floor.  We slept to the lull of the ocean waves and the sound of several weary travelers snoring like a pod of whales. 

A spectacular sunrise greeted me on the patio for Thanksgiving morning, reminding me that: “If I fly with the wings of dawn and alight beyond the sea, Even there your hand will guide me.” (Psalm 139:9-10)
Pretend those two people aren't there ruining my scenic picture.
While the turkey was cooking, the kids built sandcastles and dipped little toes into brrr sea water.   Then we had Thanksgiving dinner with a view.

As soon as the sweet-potato–cranberry-marshmallow casserole and raspberry jello settled down with the Pinot Noir, we rolled back down to our beach chairs and blankets.  I lounged on the sand, overstuffed.

I watched the sun exit as the girls got a kick out of netting seashells and running alongside the graceful manta rays that glided up the shore.

Next morning: duty, the stench of barf and the washing machine called my name. 
(So when was the last time your car seat got to sunbathe out on a beach patio?)
On another wonderful 70 degree day, we headed off to another beach. In my opinion, they all had the same fluffy white sugary sand, but the avid seashell collectors were searching for sand dollars. I just sat, slothed and sat, contemplating Psalm 139:17-18:  How precious to me are your designs, O God! How vast the sum of them! Were I to count, they would outnumber the sands.”

  Before dinner time, my high-energy, Speedy Gonzales hubby got a little (hungry) antsy waiting for my unsuspecting in-laws to get a move on, giving me a crystal clear vision of the future when I’m going to be old and grey and turtle-like.
Don't worry.  The mother in law is no stick in the mud.  She had a good chuckle when she discovered what her son was up to (Where do you think Speedy got his sense of humor from?)
Since our ride back home was just a deja vu of the drive to the beach, I’m closing our beach destination post with another heavenly sunset and a tranquil reflection from Genesis 1:2 “Darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters."

Thanks be to God.

Shared on monthly round up and because there's a bunch of pretty, happy, funny, real pics. 


godversations said...

Thanks for taking me to the beach with you. I always feel close to the Lord near the awesome majesty of His sea!

-Kinsi- said...

Ah, it looks so beautiful :-) We both grew up in Florida, so I miss the sand and sun quite often even though I took it for granted as a kiddo.

8 kids and a business said...

So jealous 'cuz while you're in shorts down by the sea, we're in down parkas, scraping ice off the windshield :(

Anabelle Hazard said...

Godversations, your welcome.
Kinsi, I grew up near the ocean too and took it for granted till I lived in the desert.
Terry ice..:(