Friday, December 28, 2012

Plugging Along My Top 2012 Catholic Blog Discoveries

1.  Hooray, its 7 quick takes Friday on the popular today, but if you absolutely insist on reading a long one from me, I’m on Catholic Lane with an article FB Friends versus True Friends.  (Why yes, I AM plugging Catholic Lane and Conversion Diary, too.)

2.  My Catholic Love Story Series is closing up.  But fear not, there is Ellen Gable’s book “Catholic Courtship stories” available at amazon.  Excerpts of those stories are in her blog   Her blog is a must read for aspiring Catholic writers looking for information and inspiration. 

3. Since I am on a roll introducing you to my blog roll, have you subscribed to: and

All of them sweet,  uplifting, insightful blogs that feel like you’ve just had a soulful conversation with Jesus and a good friend over a cup of coffee, and treated to a warm hug before you leave.  Allow me to repeat what my two year old said after she sipped my cup of decaf one morning:
"Mom, it sure is yummy in there."  Shore is.
4.  I’m going to do a blog curtsy.  No, no I didn’t misspell courtesy…I, did in fact, say blog curtsy.   Remember when I did that book bow because my novel found a book of superior excellence?  Well, this time, I’ve met a couple of blogs that deserve a feminine version of a bow – a curtsy.  So:   *Curtsy*  (Ignitum Today columnist whose  card even reads 'Catholic writer'.  Every post is a gem.) *Curtsy*  (Featured on spirit daily multiple times.  Her blog is lighthearted but deep.)
Photo Courtesy Chanpipat @
These two blogs consistently write posts that are 100% hilarious and 100% profound.  (The math adds up, trust me.) So that when I’m reading, my mouth can’t help but twitch upward, (sometimes my belly doubles over), my mind marvels at the seamless embroidery of their words, and my soul is renewed to its noble purpose of knowing, loving and serving God.  I love funny writers with a lot of substance, don’t you? To Katie Sciba and TJ Burdick, I curtsy and curtsy. You are both talented writers and I hope you keep writing because you inspire me on top of making me laugh. 

5. If you visit my top 2012 blogs  (there's more of them on the top right corner tab where it says Writing/Blog Award), you’ll see why I am so bowled over by them … because they never seem to have days when their wellspring of joy and hope are parched.  They do tackle serious topics but without being grim or critical (which explains the appeal of the class act  They remind me of my husband’s office Christmas party with the Benedictine monks, where I spent an enjoyable evening talking to wise souls whose topics shifted flawlessly from insights on the Liturgy to chuckling about their pre-seminary flat top haircuts.   Did I just compare y’all to a monastery? (Please take that as a compliment.)

6.  Before I forayed into the blogosphere, I’ll admit to having an ambivalent attitude toward bloggers. (Blogism?) I thought there was nothing they could possibly say that would influence me.  But thank God a lot of Catholic blogs have proven me fallible. I can’t count the number of times bloggers’ lives and their writing have spilled over into deepening and living out my faith.  (Not to mention the sense of community I’ve found.)

7.  So for you Catholic writer/blogger colleagues, I repost a quote from my favorite lawyer-turned Benedictine priest, Fr. Jacob, when I spoke to him about writing:  “You can do a lot of things in this world, but if they’re not done for the glory of God, they count as nothing.  NOTHING.”  Thank you for counting for something.



Nancy Shuman said...

Thank you! Now that I'm back at the computer (for more than a few minutes) after a kind of "Christmas break," I'm off for a blog tour of the other blogs you've mentioned... I look forward to them all!

8 kids and a business said...

Hi Annabelle, I'm staying up late paying bills (yikes!) and taking care of niggling business stuff so thought I'd drop by again. Thanks for the mention. I do appreciate it and just enjoy reading your posts. I was skeptical about blogging as well but my spiritual director made me see otherwise...all for God, as you say. For me, it's just a hobby but I've met some terrific on-line friends, present company included. OK, back to work.....

Nancy Shuman said...

Anabelle, I am sending you another "star" for your blog award - and thank you again!

mary333 said...

Thanks again, Anabelle - I finally got those awards up!

Don't forget about the earrings :)

Theresa said...

Jumping over from Mary 333's blog. Love learning about other bloggers. I enjoyed this post and love the gift your husband made.

Blessed New Year to you : )

~Theresa @ my desert heart