Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot Off The Catholic Internet Press Announcement

1.  So what’s new with you?  Oh, me?  Well since you asked, there is some pretty big news I’ve been wanting to shout out since I found out about it: 


2.  Catholic Stand is the latest website launched today, with an impressive jaw-dropping roster of writers like Stacy Trasancos, Joel and Lisa Schmidt, Leila Miller, Mary Rice Hasson, Larry D, Patti McGuire Armstrong, Briana Heldt, Teresa Tomeo (*faint*).  Go check out those names and tell me you’re not swooning for me! (Your submissions accepted over there, too.)
3.  I admit I got a little nervous that the great Stacy Trasancos invited me because she thought I could write serious law-related articles (which stifle creativity like handcuffs and neckties, I may as well be back in practice).  So I hemmed and hawed (for about two hours) until the Holy Spirit nudged me that He was still in charge here and if I ran out of words, I wouldn’t go wrong quoting His own words from the Bible.  My legal wheels started turning till I concluded that I wouldn’t be held liable for plagiarism if I insert those two little symbols before and after His words. (“”)  I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, right?  I’d get replaced but at least, I wouldn’t go to jail.

4.  Actually, on hindsight, this is the worst that can happen while writing:
That awkward moment when you realize your mom’s been on the computer too long and she caught you digging out the swim cap from the summer clothes stash and lathering diaper cream all over.
5.  Anyway, to my absolute relief, the editor guidelines encouraged me to write about what I already know and how I’ve always done it. Even suggested dusting off older posts.   Whew!  (Again, go submit your posts over there.)
 Of course, I said YES, I’d be honored.  And I’m still giddy at the thought of rubbing columns with my Catholic writer heroes.  Why, if I were a font, I’d be expressing myself in wingdings right now.  (e.g. WingsWigding) Meanwhile, I checked out the blogs of the bigwigs.  They are sooo cool and collected about it. They’re like all Times New Roman, and probably secretly wondering who in the world backed out and left the spot vacant for this little unprofessional twit to get her name up there.   Well guys, wonder no more: you need the token Filipino-Asian up there on the roll, so there I am! 

6.  I’m thinking that between Catholic Stand, Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane, I’m going to be all over the place.   However, I’ll try not to bombard you with my articles and blog posts by spacing them apart.  (I did say I was going to slow down this year.  Though so far, its “Slow down, my foot.”)  I just hope you forgive my writing ADD, it’s not everyday a girl gets to realize that her dreams of writing for Our Lord and Our Lady do come true.

7.  As a new columnist, I’m considering changing my photo above to this:
That awkward moment when a twit realizes she may have to remember her twitter password and actually update it. (Seriously, if you are a heavy twitter user, can you tell me what are the advantages of twitter?)

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8 kids and a business said...

Love it!!! Congratulations and thanks for the early morning chuckle. Have you considered humourous law writing? If anyone can do it, you can, my dear. And, BTW, slowing down is a relative term ;) See you in the blogosphere, and all over the place. Love it, love it, love it!!!! Gonna go check out Catholic Stand.......

Nancy Shuman said...

What marvelous news!! I'm *faint*ing right along with you, and heading right over to visit Catholic Stand. Congratulations, and thanks be to God for HIS SERVANTS (um... that means you..) in the blogosphere.

mary333 said...

Great news! Congratulations, Anabelle :) Actually congratulations to Catholic Stand too! (Because they are blessed to have you on their team.)

Love your updated picture! The bow in the hair is definitely a classy touch. (Or is that a hat covering a bald spot?)

Gina said...

Wooooooooo - very exciting! Good luck and enjoy!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you ladies.

Mary, that artist put a bow and curly hair without my consent.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Wingdings!!! HAHAHAHA!

Congratulations on your column!

Brooke said...

Congrats! That is so awesome! Love the swim cap!!

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Anabelle!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stopping by to say hello.

I love your blog and your style of writing! Oh, and your humour.

My! I'd be swooning too if I'd been asked to write for the same team as all those big name writers you mentioned. I suspect they are all very down to earth and welcoming people, despite their talents. I only know Patti and she is beautiful. I think I almost fainted when I received an email from her last year. I will have to visit Catholic Stand.

Twitter? I've had an account for a couple of years and I've never got into the habit of tweeting, so I can't say much about Twitter. My blog post notifications are tweeted automatically, I can never think of anything else to say, and I've almost fainted several times when someone has actually replied to one of my automatic tweets!

God bless!

melaniejeanjuneau said...

Good for you.You have a great writing style and are a pleasure to read.

I think that I will your advice and submit my stuff. has accepted me as a contributer

Amy @ Consecrated Housewife said...

Congratulations!! I love your writing so I'll have to click over to Catholic Stand and check them out.

Oh, and your new pic is adorable but seeing your old pic always made me laugh (with the chocolate chip comment too)!