Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don't Squirm. It's NFP Time.

(Kid artist wanted to know what NFP means.  Um.. means its time for a new, fun picture artist)
“Don’t squirm,”  I tell myself.  “You’re due to write an NFP post.”

*Squirm, squirm*  “But why? Our subscribers are all faithful Catholics.  The last thing we need is to preach to the choir.”

“Oh it’s not for them,”  Mature me says. “It’s for the lurkers out there.”


“Yes, those additional unaccounted for page views that aren’t yours.  Those family and friends who mention they’ve stopped by occasionally and those who for some reason don’t like to tell you they read your religious zealot blog over here.”

“That's presumptuous. How do you know there are secret readers?”   Squirmy me asks. "They could all be just random googly visits."

“Tsk, tsk. Let's not pretend you don't check out blog stats.  Plus, remember the sudden realization when you're lurking over at other blogs that someone’s suspiciously gotten the exact same idea you posted in a previous link up they were 'coincidentally' in,” Mature me says. 

“Oh, you mean, like when I read something and it subconsciously stores in the library inside my head and unknowingly pops up later in my writing?”  *Squirm, blush, squirm, bluuuuush.*

“No need to be ashamed. That’s only natural.  Every writer is influenced by other writers that she reads.  We get so many wonderful inspirations from our blogroll faves,”  Mature Me answers. “It’s plagiarism that's a no-no, like when you’ve read something about NFP that’s so intelligent that you wish you could be that articulate and your hand is hovering on the copy button--”

“Aha! Maybe we should link up those posts so that saves us a copyright infringement and the trouble of writing a whole post with medical jargon,”  Squirmy suggests.


So, lurkers, googly visitors, family and friends and anyone who will or won’t admit to reading, here are my top 5 favorite posts on NFP.  I link because I could never pull off something of this caliber and you can’t improve on excellence.  Not because I don't know anything about NFP --Of course, I know it means Nada-contraception Fosters Proliferation :)

1.  From a teacher, who formerly practiced contraception: (So honest and so inspiring.  Its kinda like how I learned to embrace NFP) http://www.catholicsistas.com/2012/05/21/how-god-pursued-a-soul/

2.  By a radical new feminist: (Funny, bold voice that makes you want to cheer on “You go girl!” at the end.  Love this piece. And she gave me the idea for a future column on Catholic Stand.)

3.  From a female doctor’s perspective (So impressive with enviable faith in providence):

4.  From a mother of 8 with a guest post on certified NFP teachers http://littlecatholicbubble.blogspot.com/2011/03/natural-family-planning-post.html  (So full of information. Wish I had this during our pre-cana seminar.  Would you believe we had NO NFP talk on ours?)

5.  From mothers and daughters with a lot of wisdom ( This is a gentle article pointing us to the source and timeline of Catholic teaching on contraception for a better understanding.) http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-if-dusty-old-church-document.html 

Whew! Clocking out now.


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