Saturday, March 09, 2013

Can we Fly in Heaven? and Other Q & A

“Mama, when I’m in heaven, will I be able to fly and touch the clouds?”  my 7 year old wanted to know.


“Oooh, Can I eat the clouds?” asked my 5 year old.

“Um, I think so,”  I answered.  Though I wasn’t really too sure.  I guessed one could eat the clouds if they were hungry.  But then again, there’s no hunger in heaven. So cloud snacking may be sketchy--

“I’ll bet it’ll taste like cotton candy,” 7 year old said.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to go to heaven,”  said my five year old, smacking her lips.

Evidently, my children are not the only ones with candy-heaven on the brain. Two nephews agreed they’d build a swimming pool of skittles.

Yup, a pool of multi-colored skittles to reflect the glory of the cotton candy skies.

My questions aren’t nearly as sweet or innocent, but in fact, I’ve often secretly wondered three things:

                 1.  Will I be able to live near the ocean, a preferably unsalted one?
      2.     Will I be able to sing and play the piano and not scare half the celestial choirs away?
    3.     And narcissistically, will my blog be preserved in the heavenly cyberspace?

 I just finished Richard Sigmund’s “My Time in Heaven.” Mr. Sigmund was an evangelical Christian preacher, who was medically declared dead and came back to life with detailed, amazing descriptions of heaven. He had all my answers:

1.        Yes, some inhabitants of heaven choose to live on crystal clear seashores and  YES! there are freshwater oceans.
One of my favorite spots in my hometown
2.            Angels and saints praise God in heaven constantly with songs far more exquisite than those on earth.  Their voices too are superior than the finest singers we know.  There are college-like buildings that teach all kinds of subjects, even singing. (Yay!  I’m definitely signing up for violin lessons, too.)
3.            There are vast libraries in homes and people can instruct things to be created with words.  From that, I infer that blogs can be converted to books at will –God’s will, that is.  
     But here’s the essence of what I’ve gleaned: the most valuable treasures I can take to heaven are the deeds of love over my lifetime.  That’s what makes one a saint.  Not a bunch of words in a blog.

The whole book makes for fascinating, inspiring reading.  Anything is possible in heaven.  "What no eye has seen, no ear has  heard, what no one ever thought possible" (1 Cor 2:9)... If you have questions of your own, you’ll probably find it there. I’m keeping this book in my earthly library (not that I have a choice anyway since it’s on my kindle). And I can’t wait to collect the saints’ books for my heavenly library shelf, which I will read on my beach recliner-lounger… a perfect compliment to the trees of chocolate-covered fruits growing in my backyard.
Pool of Gatorade (again a piece of my hometown)



Sue Elvis said...


I want to sing too!

I've always wondered about people who rush around the world trying to see as much of it as possible before they die. Is all that effort worth it? I am hoping that in Heaven we will see the world like God without all the hassle of having to travel.

I thought I followed your blog ages ago, but it seems I didn't. I must have followed someone's else's by mistake. Now, whose blog was it...? Anyway, all fixed! I am now looking forward to keeping up with your posts.

God bless!

mary333 said...

I read this book too, Anabelle. You and I are interested in a lot of the same things. These NDE's are just so fascinating!

My daughter is all for a candy heaven too ;)

Anabelle Hazard said...

Sue, absolutely on traveling --I will wait for the heavenly tour. No jetlag! BTW, you may have followed a By the Finger Mormon blog :)

Mary, No cavities in heaven... but I wonder in behalf of dentists, what will they do? Mr. Sigmund doesn't answer that.

8 kids and a business said...

On the way home from the grocery store today, I was singing along to a CD of the musical "Showboat" and wishing I could sing like the women on the CD. Maybe in heaven?.....

Anabelle Hazard said...

Terry, we'll duet and eat dark chocolates together.