Friday, March 01, 2013

The Superpower of a Grandmother

I'm at Catholic Lane today writing for all the grandmothers out there and for all who have been loved by grandmothers...  
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Excerpt of the article: 

           When I think of grandmothers, I think of fingers.

My 96 year old maternal grandmother hardly remembers my name, but I still remember the years I watched her fingers plying the rosary bead one by one for each of her grandchildren. Around her twisty bed post, she’d drape her rose-scented brown rosary, marked with a safety pin on the bead she stopped so that she could resume her prayers the next morning.   With those same bent fingers, she used to hold my hand and squeeze my pinky finger as she took me and my cousins to Church together. 

 My paternal grandmother’s fingernails were lined with distinct vertical ridges. I loved tracing each of those lines both as a little girl coming to visit with her, and as an adult sitting by the bedside where she lay for many years.  How precious were those wrinkled, age-spotted hands that once upon a time stitched, sewed, crafted me baby blankets and helped me lift the watering can and harvest the hibiscus.

Your grandma’s fingers may have owned the rights to the best recipe for chicken fingers but mine, both of mine working together and yet separately, were responsible for my deeper conversion into the Catholic faith.  No doubt about it.  And therein lies the superpower of a grandmother:  they are the fingers of God... Read the rest over at Catholic Lane. 

P.S Grandfathers are great, too but I'll get to that topic after I sequester myself for a retreat and a time of prayer for Brazil's Joao Cardinal Braz De Aviz (He's the one I got from  Visit if you want to pray for a cardinal, too.)

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