Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Joseph Met Mary

 Since reading The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics by Raphael Brown, I have been looking for more mystical biographies of the saints.  I was jumping up and down when Gina at My Broken Fiat sent me the book on St. Joseph.  (Buy it, buy it, buy it.) It is amazing, he is amazing.  And since you know I’m a romantic, I’ll let you peek into what actually happened during his betrothal to Our Lady:

“The summons had been publicized… a priest proceeded to explain that Mary must be espoused to a man who was a descendant of David.  In order that it might be definitely known who was destined by God to be the bridegroom of this worthy Virgin, he proposed that each one of the eligible be given a dried branch to hold in his hand, whereupon, all those present would beseech God to cause that particular branch to blossom which the man whom He had chosen was holding…Our Joseph had purposely chosen a very unobtrusive spot as befitting to his unworthiness.  Then, suddenly, he saw his branch begin to sprout and become bedecked with snow-white blossoms! Everyone around him was soon staring wonderingly at this miraculous sign.  But God wished to supplement this miraculous occurrence with another external affirmation of this chaste espousal.  All those present now saw a snow-white dove descend from heaven and settle on the head of Joseph, and they gazed in amazement at this additional testimonial from God… Joseph upon seeing [Mary] became enraptured, and shed tears of Joy…His true, heartfelt love and his tender dedication to her seemed to impel him to contemplate with reverence the beauty and majesty of her countenance.  He was captivated every time he looked at her…

The priest now proceeded with the ceremony… the couple beheld a flame darting forth from each of their hearts; these two flames then united into one and ascended heavenwards.  By this visible sign God reaffirmed what He had previously been given to understand, namely: that there would be a fusion of their lives, and that God would be the object of this love in their marriage.”

(That wasn't a spoiler right? cause you already know what happens in Matthew, Mark and Luke.)



Patty said...

#2- My Mom has that book and loves St. Joseph

Those shoes are adorable...I love a good nautical pattern!! :)

Gina said...

So glad you love the book, Anabelle!

If anyone's interested in purchasing it, you can find it through

I'm not affiliated with the site, but I've always purchased all my best books on mystics and apparitions there. LOVE IT! said...

When I was younger I started reading a little of that book on St. Joseph because my mom had it around. I remember finding it very interesting. I recently started thinking about that book again, so I think I need to see if my mom still has it! If not, at least I now know what to look for!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Gina, thank you for the link. I'm have a wishlist from that bookstore already.