Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meeting a Mystic

At least once in my life, I’ve been privileged to meet a mystic.

  Some years back, my family and I attended a weekday noon Mass at St. Joan of Arc’s in downtown Las Vegas.  Only a handful of people were there.  Two of them, were older ladies veiled in white, draped across the front pew.  When I returned back from the Communion line, I happened to glance up and one of those women looked me straight in the eye and flashed me a kind half-smile.  I reproduced the other half of the smile as polite as one could do with Jesus in my mouth.  

Later, my eyes, fell on a flyer beside me, announcing that a Filipino mystic was coming to a parish nearby for a healing service.  The name Emma De Guzman was familiar, as I’d heard about her from the Third Order Carmelites.  Something inside me, something that felt like the Holy Spirit’s nudge, just knew that she was the half-smiling woman.

When Mass was over, we exited about the same time.  The woman fawned over my girls so I asked her if she was indeed the suspected Emma De Guzman.  (It’s easy to be bold when someone is eternally smiling and so approachable.)

The woman's companion replied with uncontained excitement, “Yes, it’s her! Smell her.  She has the odor of sanctity…Go on.  Smell her.”

I leaned in (a little too close for her comfort now that I think about it) and sure enough smelled the scent of heaven, a strong perfume of roses… but more ethereal than roses.  One thing led to another and I found myself invited to a dinner party with her prayer group. (Really, I was invited.  I’m not that bold to impose my company on strangers hosting a private dinner.)

While the party was in full swing, Emma spoke with me privately and prayed for me for at least half an hour.  She read my soul and told me that when she first saw me at Mass, she already knew something about me.   She also told me so many other things that I still remember vividly without my journal, but will keep to myself.   Finally, since I’d confided a problem to her, she offered to help me, asking for nothing in return.

I was a complete stranger, no one special to her, and she was Jesus to me.

Emma De Guzman’s mystical gifts are amazing: stigmata during Lent, odor of sanctity, prophecy, visions, bi-location, healing… If you get impressed by those supernatural things and the endorsements of Bishops & priests, she has quite an extensive resume.  But I’ll tell you what impressed me the most when I met her:  the joy she naturally exudes, the unaffected kindness and the humility that according to St. Agustine, “is a virtue that the devil can never mimic.”

If you want to know more about Emma, visit her website or watch this 2 hour documentary. (This is only part 1 of 10. The rest is on youtube.) 

And if that piques your interest, check out her schedule to find out if she’s visiting your area.  Don’t take my word for it;  find out for yourself how good Our Lord is to give us such a soul, a mystic, and I daresay a living prophet, in our midst.  I am absolutely convinced that at the time we most need it, God  arranges opportunities for us so that we can experience a touch of the supernatural and divine.
(P.S.  As with all mystics & visionaries,  I discern and submit to Church authority. I suggest you do, too.)  


Gina said...

Color me about thirty shades of jealous.

What a beautiful, blessed experience!!!

philip said...

Please post the contact details/address of Emma in the Philippines.