Monday, July 22, 2013

The Haunted House

Nestled in a thick grove of trees in an unknown island called Camiguin (Cah-mee-ggin) is our ancestral home built in the late nineteenth century.  It’s where my grandparents and their families hid during WWII.  It’s also *haunted.

Cue strange lights in the photograph.

Someone could document all sorts of encounters with the “other” kind reported in that place (intelligent and sane people all of them) and come out with a book.  But for our purposes, I’ll recount two that stand out in my mind.  Once, a family friend narrated that a man appeared in her dreams to show her a secret door from the bedroom to the kitchen.   The following morning, it was discovered that there indeed existed such a passage, which had been sealed shut.  We also learned that the description of the man fit the old house’s long-time deceased caretaker named “Victor.” 

The dining kitchen, renovated, so I don't know where the secret passage is anymore.
Recently, Victor appeared to another guest of my sister, who saw him as a real person and believed he was flesh and blood. She had an actual conversation with him before he left the room.  When she realized he’d walked in and out of a locked door, she later asked my sister who he was and again, the description fit “Victor.”  On Victor’s second appearance, she asked him why he was there and his reply was, “I like coming here when there’s a lot of company because its fun and lively and I like listening to the chatter.”

  Fr. Doug Lorig, who sees souls in purgatory asking for prayers, explains that some souls are earth bound because they’re tied to a place of grief or sin. In another book on purgatory (and sorry, the title escapes me), its also said that souls from purgatory revisit the place where they have attachments.  So I’m guessing, if “Victor” is in purgatory, he could use some prayers to be released. Or perhaps if he’s in heaven, he’s seeking prayers for someone else.  I’ll take that as an invitation for me to go on another Cathedral pilgrimage for this dear soul during this year of the faith and obtain for him or his loved ones a plenary indulgence. 

Pictures copyrighted. Courtesy of my sister.
On that note about souls in purgatory, I’m recalling what my exorcist confessor said: “the fastest way to get your prayers answered is to say rosaries for the souls in purgatory.”  May Mr. Victor say a little prayer for me (as I need lots of them) and I hope heaven rolls out the welcome mat for him, if they haven’t already.

* If you don't believe in ghosts, I suggest you read Matthew 14:25-27, when St. Peter thought it was more probable to see a ghost walking on water than the Messiah.

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Jamie Jo said...

Wow, how interesting!! Has your sister asked what prayers he needs? I've done that before, asked souls what they want me to pray for them. (I have not seen any but have felt their presence) I read a book called "Get us Out of Here" a book about purgatory, and it says as you have said, many souls are stuck, they need prayers. Maybe Victor's purgatory is being stuck to that house...I'll pray for him too!

Is your sister afraid to live there? Just curious...

Anabelle Hazard said...

Victor doesn't show himself to family, just guests. My sister and her guests prayed the rosary for him that night (blackout and all). She doesn't live there, no one does. Its a vacation house for our clan. And I loved that book "Get us out of here" --maybe it was there that I found out about souls doing their purgatory on earth. Thank you for helping me pray for him, Jamie. God bless you!

Mary N. said...

Hi Anabelle,
This is such a fascinating post! And the house is waaaay awesome :) I'll join you in your prayers for "Victor".

8 kids and a business said...

When I see the words ghost and haunted, I get goosebumps, probably because of too many Hollywood horror movies. You present an interesting, different perspective on a haunted soul. My prayers for Victor as well.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thanks Mary and Terry for the prayers. With your super holy prayers, maybe he'll be gone by the time I make a pilgrimage this weekend.

Marcia said...

What an engaging post (and a beautiful house!), Anabelle. I also have a devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I use the prayers here: Prayers for Victor from here.