Friday, August 09, 2013

For St. Peter's Sake!

I first met Pope John Paul II as “Mr. Seymour.”   My cousins and I were playing a game of “funeral,” and trailing a tricycle with the pope’s picture from a calendar tied to it. We pretended to mourn in wails and sobs as someone sang a made-up dirge, “Poor Mr. Seymour, died of a heart attack, but he will soon rise in heaven…”  

We hadn’t even made it to the tomb when, my grandmother abruptly ordered us to cease and desist our morbid, disrespectful game.  There was no explanation given but I understood, oh I understood, that the Pope was a person who deserved utmost reverence.

         Strangely, I re-encountered Blessed John Paul II at his funeral.

      Read the rest at Catholic Stand.

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Sue Elvis said...


I couldn't help myself. That was such an intriguing opening to your post, I had to click onto the link to read more! What a great post.

Yes, I love all our popes too. I appreciate the different gifts they gave us. It does make my heart ache when I read criticisms and comparisons between the popes. Why can't we just be grateful for them all?

I have been reading about John Paul II and his devotion to Mary and the Divine Mercy. He really was a great Marian pope.

God bless!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thanks, Sue. This post was borne of my heartache,too.