Thursday, September 05, 2013

Are You Really Successful?

A politician once asked me flat out for bribery money when I clerked for a law firm in the Philippines.  I played dumb, quit my job and left a disgustingly corrupt legal system and government disillusioned.  When I practiced law in the US, I didn’t experience such blatant corruption, but I faced several choices that would either further my ambitions or jeopardize my soul.

 I could run, but I couldn’t hide.

            At some pivotal point in our careers, we are all confronted with the same choice: success in this world or success in the next.  

              The concept of my funeral has been at the forefront of my decision-making process.   During my impressionable years, it was paramount to leave a legacy of what I’d accomplished. 

            “Oh, your mom was the youngest woman to ever become Supreme Court Justice,” Guest 1 would console my daughters at my eulogy.  “After she bought her own publishing company, she won the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Peace and Best Oscar Producer all on the same year! My fondest memory is of her flying us on her own private jet to vacation six months of the year in the Keys…”

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8 kids and a business said...

This is a wonderful reflection, Annabelle. It reminds us that while we live in the world, we are not of the world.