Friday, September 27, 2013

The Miraculous Medal

Many reasons converged over the summer that deepened my desire to wear the miraculous medal around my neck: my conversation with the exorcist, a friend’s medal turned to rose color during a pilgrimage, Sondra Abraham’s amazing story of one woman’s conversion wrought by the medal, St. Maximilian Kolbe’s campaign and the heartwarming testimony of Mother Teresa’s widespread distribution of the medals to evangelize people she met, and how she would lay the medal on the bodily pain of the sick, saying, “Let Mother Mary kiss where it hurts.”

But I didn’t want a medal that would fade in time and since we’d just spent a chunk on school curricula, I was resigned to waiting for Christmas for someone to splurge on me.  If it was truly important, I told myself silently, Our Lady would have to provide me with some extra shopping money.  And soon.

            ‘Soon’ came immediately when my husband returned home with an unexpected tip from a satisfied client and announced he would take his girls on a little shopping spree.   

            The miraculous medal was given to St. Catherine Laboure by the Blessed Mother herself, with the promise:

            Its meaning is as follows:

            The front of the medal shows the Mother of God encircled by the prayer "O Mary conceived without sin. . .” emphasizes the teaching of the Immaculate Conception.

“Mary stands on a globe, the world. Around her feet a twisted serpent, the devil, struggles for mastery. It is a conflict between good and evil. Satan's is a world of darkness and disgrace; Mary's is a world of light and grace. But hers is the victory won by Christ—the light of the world. So we see the light and grace of Christ flowing from her hands; and those who choose grace rather than darkness turn to her for help: "pray for us who have recourse to thee." (Source EWTN library)

On the back of the medal is emblazoned a large letter M with a cross above it. M stands for Mary and Mother because she is indeed the Mother of God's people—a people founded on the twelve Apostles, signified by the twelve stars arranged around the rim.

 “The medal’s *two hearts are those of Jesus and Mary. God's message for Mary was one of suffering "a sword will pierce your heart too"—just as the heart of her Son would be pierced by a soldier's lance. The showing of the *two hearts in one grand alliance is a reminder of God's love for us. Mother and Son are united in the work of redemption as Christ offers himself on the cross and Mary stands compassionately at his feet, assenting in faith so that the world might be saved.
 “The medal, then, is a summary in itself of the Church's teaching on Our Lady—a mini-catechism of the faith for everyone.” (EWTN Library)



mommynovenas said...

Dear Anabell, This is such a beautiful post! Our Lady's intercession is so powerful. I am so inspired by your writing!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you Lora. Our Lady is indeed our greatest advocate.

8 kids and a business said...

My husband bought me a Miraculous Medal many years ago. Although I take it off when I go to bed at night, I wear it everyday. On the rare occasions when I forget to put it on, I don't feel completely dressed.

Sue Elvis said...


We all have large miraculous medals that we were given when we attended a homeschooling camp a few years ago. We all consecrated ourselves to Jesus through Mary, over 100 people all at once. Our medals are only the inexpensive variety hung on a length of cord. I can just imagine how beautiful your medals are. I bought a few silver medals a few years ago as gifts for First Holy Communions and Baptisms. Perhaps I should look for some similar ones. They would make perfect Christmas presents.

Thank you for your post. It's good to know we both belong to Mary!

I hope you and baby are both keeping well.

God bless!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Sue, I have some inexpensive ones for the girls. since they lose their brown scapulars all the time I'll wait to give them the silver ones on their confirmation. I love fellow Marian devotees! I'm always learning from your example.

Terry, When I don't have my necklace with the scapular and medal on, I too feel undressed. I don't care if they don't match my earrings or outfit!

Marcia said...

Thank for this rich and informative post, Anabell. It's the perfect prelude to October, the month of the Holy Rosary and our Blessed Mother.

How wonderful that Our Lady interceded for you, as she does for all her children.

Andy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I used to wear a Miraculous Medal many years ago and have been thinking about finding another. Your blog has challenged me to do so a little quicker.