Sunday, September 08, 2013

What God has to say about Mary

As the Church celebrates the Feast of the birth of the Immaculate Mother of God, I quote from a highly recommended book “The Gift of the Eternal Father.”  It contains prophetic encounters of the Father’s Mercy and Prayers as given to Kathleen Beckman, author of "Enkindle Eucharistic Amazement", Nominee for Catholic Woman of the Year of her Diocese and under the direction of her spiritual director, Fr. Rayond Skonezny, S.T.L. S.S.L.   The book has been endorsed by Fr. John Hampsch, CMF of the Claretian Tape Ministry and Most Reverend Bishop Dominic Luong, Auxiliary Bishop of Orange California. To read more of her impressive resume, the endorsement for her work or to buy the book, visit

The Eternal Father said on September 8, 2004, about Mary:

            “This day when the Universal Church celebrates the nativity of Miriam, the Virgin Mary, is cause for utmost joy because at her birth, the winds of salvation began to blow.  In her fiat to the Divine Will began your salvation and moment of triumph.  She is the prime example of a perpetual fiat born of humble, obedient charity.  The heavenly court resounds with hymns of gratitude for the Queen Mother of heaven and earth who freely chose to live each moment within the realm of the Divine Will.  I am pleased in her singular sanctity and dignity to be the spotless mirror of the Most Holy Trinity.

            “Who is this little creature, so beloved of the Most High?  She is the Immaculate Conception born without stain of original sin, conceived in My Mind’s Eye to be of elevated estate.  She is the new Eve who obeys to become that fruitful garden and mother of the tree of life…

            “Today all three persons of the Trinity repeat Christ’s words uttered from the depths of His heart about to be pierced: “Behold your Mother”! She is sent to earth as the Queen of Prophets speaking on behalf of the Trinity to build up the Mystical Body.  In every age she is with you to strengthen and guide the pilgrim Church. Today, she is present to the Church Militant to lead the battle against darkness because the evil one has deceived and blinded your generation.  At the directive of the Most High she leads an army of humble children to rise up, stand for Christ and the Gospel.  Children of hers are saints of your time… There will be more saints from this age than any other age because the Enemy of mankind is freely roaming the earth unchained, making his last stand; releasing legions from the netherworld to pursue the offspring of Mary Immaculate.  You are formed by her to be soldiers in a great spiritual war against powers and principalities but you remain under the protection of Mary Immaculate and are led by the power of the Holy Spirit.

            “Through her maternal mediation will come the dawn of a new day, an age of sanctification in which you will be led by the Holy Spirit, aware of Divine Presence, consecrated in Truth, to live the Divine Will on earth.  The present darkness will give way to the light of truth and you shall see the divine plan in the radiance of the Holy Spirit.

            “Behold your Mother and walk into her Light. Through her maternal mediation, darkness will be dispelled and you will be restored.  Blessed are the children of the Immaculate Conception because she is your safe refuge and guiding star leading you out of darkness of night and into the brightness of the noon day…” 
Blow out your candles, Blessed Mother!

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