Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Guardian Angel Quotes from the Saints

I'm going to let the saints guest post for some teaching on the angels today.  Happy Feast of the Guardian Angels!

1. “Our Guardian Angels are our most faithful friends, because they are with us day and night, always and everywhere. We ought often to invoke them.
The Angels take great pleasure in helping us with our enterprises, when they are in accordance with God's will.”  --St. John Vianney

2. “That the holy angels do condescend to mingle with us when we praise God in psalmody is very clearly stated by the Psalmist: "The princes went before, joined with the singers, in the midst of young damsels playing on timbrels." He also said: "I will sing praise to you in the sight of the angels."  --St. Bernard of Clairvoux

3. "When tempted, invoke your angel. He is more eager to help you than you are to be helped! Ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him; he trembles and flees at the sight of your guardian angel…Pray to your guardian angel. Invoke his aid if you should find yourself in any serious danger of body or soul, and I assure you that he will help and protect you" -- St. John Bosco




Nancy Shuman said...

What a wonderful post! A special thank you to your guest posters :) !!

Hasibur Rahman said...

Supper compilation about angel quotes. I have composed many quotes from you. Thanks for sharing.