Friday, April 18, 2014

Fabienne's Near Death

Ready for another near death experience?

I just discovered the testimony of Fabienne Guerrero who converted from a new age lifestyle through near death illumination of conscience type experience to a new life in the Church. Her testimony on the demonic presence in the new age lifestyle is an eye-opener.  You can find her short FREE testimony, endorsed by several priests and a theologian, on her website New Age Dangers. (I always thought there was something fishy about them.)

If you are a Spanish, French or Portuguese speaker, she also has videos on youtube. And if you want the text of her interview conducted by Fr. Rene Laurentin (warning: yellow background may hurt your eyes), here it is.

Thank you, Fabienne for contacting me.  It’s my pleasure to share your story. Conversions are Our Lady of Mejugorje’s greatest miracles.


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Mary N. said...

Hi Anabelle,
What a testimony! I first read it last year and thought it was powerful. It reminded me of the experiences of Marino Restrepo and Gloria Polo. The only problem is that the translation is poor and her experience is confusing to me. I got the gist of it but it seemed to have no order to it so I'm not exactly sure what happened to her. Maybe someone who knows both languages well will help get a good English translation up soon. Still, I got a lot out of it :) I always do!

Miss you!