Friday, May 30, 2014

Media Links You'll Love

1. I hate to be vague, but I’m furiously working on a project so I'm here to recommend some links to media you’ll probably love.  First and most important, the novena for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit begins today. Here is the link to the nine days which includes consecration to the Holy Spirit.

2.  You know I love a good testimony on heaven, right?  Jesse Duplantis is a Christian preacher, an amazing storyteller, and the Cajun accent is just a bonus. The video is HEE-LAR-IOUS! For the record, I don’t think Catholics have a monopoly on mystical experiences, and I didn’t think there was anything against Catholic teaching in his testimony.

3.  Check out this great article about the conversion of a Polish model and how Mejugorje and St. Padre Pio played a role in it.   I love conversion stories written by Our Lady, and this one is awesome. It comes with a video but you'll need Polish translation.

4.  There's a new Catholic homeschool e-zine in town! I’m so excited about the project. I’m not sure when the launch date is yet, but I’ll let you know when one of my articles is featured.

5. I have some friends from the Philippines who like to drop by and browse. If that's you and you’ve ever asked the question should mothers in developing countries like Africa and the Philippines have any more children, Bonnie has the best answer . Click on her post On Starving Babies, Orphans and Natural Family Planning.

6.  There’s a couple of Christian romance novels that came out this year.   First, "Emma, Mr. Knightly and Chili-Slaw Dogs."

Christian romance fans, I’ve found a new favorite author!  Maryjane Hathaway is a pen name for an award-nominated, homeschooling momma of six and boy, can she write an entertaining  novel.   It's about two childhood friends, Caroline and Brooks, who kind of follow Jane Austen’s main plot in Emma.  I loved the character's friendship and how it morphed into romance.  Plus, the Southern culture added just a touch of charm to the story.  Warning: this novel has a kissing scene so its not as clean as I'd like my Christian novels to be. I had no objections about her first novel though and I am looking forward to her third.

If you like Siri Mitchell as much as I do, you’ll be interested in “Love Comes Calling.”  This  book features an unusual heroine  who struggles with ADD.   I thought Ellis was well –portrayed and her character flaw wound up being a likeable quirk.  Siri Mitchell’s books are always tight and entertaining.  As usual, she made me laugh in some scenes. This one was set in the twenties, when telephone operating was a career.  Ellis' love interest is Griffin, a childhood friend from the neighboring Ivy League.  It’s a light read, perfect for the beach.

7. Show your work by Austin Kleon is out! 

Austin Kleon gives valuable advice for all artists, which include writers and bloggers.  One of the best he’s given me is: ignore the trolls, don’t be ashamed of what you love, and share what you have.  So many excellent tips packed in a small book! I love short books like this, it doesn’t waste time and delivers a punch.

You're welcome.

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