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Spiritual Warfare 101: Notes from an exorcist

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            You missed a phenomenal retreat with Fr. Edwardo "Bing" Arellano of the Alliance of the Two Hearts.   But no worries.  I took down notes on the talks on spiritual warfare and healing the family tree.  Fr. Bing, in case you didn’t know, is a seasoned exorcist.  His teachings are borne from decades of professional study, theology and experience so I pay attention to what he has to say about the spiritual warfare that confronts us, and most importantly the tools of the Church to help us so that we’re not sitting ducks to evil.

Do you see the two faces in a face-off in the clouds?
            The devil has four entry points on our souls that can result in demonic infestations.  Infestations can come in two ways, when we invite the devil (personal infestation) or in places we visit and things we acquire (local infestation):
            1. Unforgiveness, violent deaths and childhood trauma --These may come from parent traumas or childhood traumas (even in utero) such as suicide, tragic deaths, rape, attempted abortion, illegitimate children and etc.

            2. Occult or Demonic Activity--  witchcraft, astrology, occult and psychic involvement are the most obvious forms.  But also the occult includes the voluntary use of things, places and practices like the new age.  Fr. Bing specifically mentioned transcendental medication, yoga and involvement with ‘Harry Potter’ practices. (Don't shoot the note-taker.) Other people can place hexes, spells and curses on us without our knowledge and can be manifested in genetic diseases like mental disorders, manic depression, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and nervous breakdowns.

       3.  Pattern of Sin/Bondage in the family – adultery, concubinage, pre-marital sex, same-sex relationships, and other disorders.  Also included are practices of racial prejudice, rebellion, greed, unforgiveness in family history.   Sins from our fourth generation ancestors can affect us.

            4. Unhealthy Relationships – Family bonds affect us such as divorce as a pattern, freemasonry/Satanism, domestic violence, family vendettas, and depression.

            But if the devil has entry points, there are ways we can ensure his permanent exit.  The Alliance promotes the Communion of Reparation lifestyle because it can result in healing.  The Communion of Reparation includes:

1.     The Sacrament of Confession often –Healing after Confession is based on a scriptural teachings of Jesus. Since exorcism is a sacramental and Confession is a sacrament, Confession distributes more powerful healing graces.
2.     The Sacrament of the Eucharist frequently which must be received without mortal sin or habitual venial sin
3.     The rosary prayed regularly – The rosary is both a deliverance prayer and a contemplative prayer.
4.     Adoration   because one who adores will always remain humble and humility is the virtue that paves the way for all the others.

            The chief lesson I walked away with from the retreat is that if we remain in a state of grace and habitually avail of the sacraments and sacramentals, the demonic infestations can stop in our generation and we can gift our children with a clean slate.  With the Communion of Reparation lifestyle we offer them a fighting chance of becoming saints at an early age.  For instance, St. Dominic Savio who practiced this lifestyle. (There are many more)

             “To remain in a state of grace is your greatest protection,” Fr. Bing said.  “And if you are in a state of grace, you must obey every inspiration.”

            At the end of the retreat, we were treated to deliverance prayers led by another exorcist Fr. Jose Viola. Benediction followed, where we were asked to bring to mind and stand in the place of all our family who needed healing and deliverance.

              It was, like I said, phenomenal.  So if you do get a chance to attend one of his retreats, it is worth your while. And your family will thank you.



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Thanks for sharing your notes. Necessary - very necessary.

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Hi Anabelle,
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