Monday, July 21, 2014

And why not prophecy?

            The news is more unbearable than ever. Over at Facebook, there’s anger at Russian extremists downing a commercial flight, compassion for the genocide of Christians in Iraq, disbelief at Israel and Palestine’s violence, and rage over North Korea’s continuing nuclear tests. Locally, there’s resentment at the Supreme Court’s ruling on freedom of religion versus burgeoning discontentment for the current administration. There is an unstoppable war of cosmic proportions: good versus evil.

            It’s easy to wallow in despair.  I'm tempted to hide myself in lighthearted movies or pinterest projects, enjoy upbeat Instagram travel posts, or escape into another summer novel.  Or blog about yet another antic my children are up to on our sun and sand vacation.  But I catch myself.

             Just how did Jesus teach us to handle tribulations as they come?  He said: “Be watchful! I have told it all to you beforehand…”  Mark 13:23

            I don’t think that scripture passage means I should be glued to the news TV or social media commentaries. Rather, to be sensitive on a different, spiritual level… to be vigilant of how the unseen Holy Spirit is moving in the world and attentive to what corresponding actions are needed in my own smaller world. 

            And where exactly do I find this? Prophecy! Yes, prophecy, heaven’s messages to earth for this particular era that we live in.
            Pat Archbold from the National Catholic Register wrote an excellent piece entitled “Why Prophecy?”  He explains that private revelation (where Marian prophecy falls under) isn’t necessary for salvation, but we mustn’t despise it because it is for our own correction and hope.   (I’ll give you a few minutes to read it here.)

            Like Mr. Archbold, I am grateful for prophecy.  To be honest, the current political events on Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Israel, America and even the unexpected turnover of Popes were not a complete surprise to me.  I’ve been following various prophecies for a while now.  Many suspect ones I have discarded after discernment.  But quite a few, I have retained on my reader feed.  These are the ones that do not foster fear, but correct and have proven accurate (so far).    I read them not to stay abreast of what’s going to happen years or months before events actually happen, but because heaven’s words give me guidance and hope.

            Some people will argue that prophecies of tribulation  give them anything but hope.  I disagree.  In almost all the private revelations to which I’ve given the benefit of the doubt, there is a common thread of hope.  There is distinctly Mary’s motherly guidance for the souls that she calls to be in her army, in service to heaven during these crucial times for which we have been born and chosen.  There is caution on dangers we cannot see and tearful pleas for conversion for humanity. There is assurance for our eternal destiny if we choose to be on God’s side.  There is Mary’s obvious love for her children, whom she ushers to safety with promises of heavenly tools at our disposal:  repentance, prayer and fasting, repentance prayer and fasting, repentance, prayer and fasting!

             I see light in heaven’s prophecies, not darkness.   Yes, there is going to be difficulty up ahead for the world (Church schism, volcanos, earthquakes, persecution, wars, economic disaster to name some), and whether we like it or not, we are  caught in the middle of the battle of Armageddon.  But we have a choice to be on the winning side or the loser's, to be prepared or remain indifferent, to be part of Mary’s army or Satan's, to accept or ignore heavenly guidance, to despair or hope. 
            The final result of the prophecies I’ve read are better than today’s news. It’s the Son of Man coming on a cloud, a new heavens and a new earth, an era of peace where Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and in the end, eternal happiness.   

            So why not prophecy?

            (If you are curious which prophecies I have been following its  {Volume 5 and 8 containing prophecies have been released}, and most prophets in )


Gina Guarnere said...

I'm just gonna go ahead and high-five you for this one.

This is precisely how I feel, yet I'm always chided by those in the Catholic community for looking at prophecy as a bit of light in an otherwise dark world.

I'll be sharing this one via FB. Thanks!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you Gina. You and I have always seen eye to eye on this and now Mr. Pat Archbold's in our club.

Mary N. said...

You already know where I stand when it comes to Catholic Prophecy, I'm sure! Great article.

(But you knew I'd say that, didn't you?) I am iffy on some sites but I read Mark Mallett's site regularly. I also occasionally visit and read the Medjugorje messages each month. Read all of Immaculée Ilibagiza's books too.

Prophecy aside, it's clear as a bell that we live in crucial times. I sometimes don't understand why people can't see it.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Mary, the writing's on the wall but I think fear makes people not want to know... or maybe they've not been given graces to know or they aren't supposed to know? Who knows? LOL. Yep, Immaculee and Medjugorje and Akita are my sources, too.