Friday, November 14, 2014

A Blueprint for Boys

After scraping my jaw off the floor with the news that we’re having our first boy after three girls, I’ve come up with a list of plans for Junior (not his real name).  Hey, nothing wrong with that, right?  All momma’s have a secret folder of prep schools and colleges for their kids and I’ve got my list of options.  Here they are:

OPTION 1: Alliance of the Holy Family Seminary.  Of course this would top our list.  It was Fr. Jose Viola who prayed over my womb asking for a baby, asking for vocations in our family and consecrating my baby to Our Lady.  Not only that, the priests are humble, well versed in the Latin Mass, have a sense of humor and besides, it can’t hurt our family to join an order where exorcists are trained.  We'll have lifelong access to exorcised salt, water and oil as a fringe benefit. 

OPTION 2: Fathers of Mercy.  Everyone knows the Fathers of Mercy are schooled to excel in their preaching charism but oh man, have you heard Fr. Joseph Aytona speak on motherhood and the priesthood?  You haven’t?  Well, here he is on youtube.

            His story amazes me.  Consecrated 8 months in the womb to Our Lady by his own mother (out of dire financial need), he became a priest who credits his priesthood to three mothers: biological mother, Holy Mother Church, and the Blessed Mother.   He is the founder of Spiritual Motherhood Sodality as well as founder of Family Vocation Ministries, an apostolate that promotes vocations through the sanctification of families. Wouldn’t you want your son to walk and breakdance in the footsteps of this guy?

I'm a fan...of his mother!

OPTION 3:  Diocese of ? USA  These US Seminarians obviously are learning more than philosophy and theology,  and since I’m a believer of well-rounded Seminarians and the Riverdance, well, I would either say tap dancing is worthwhile class for Junior or hope these priests still got it going on and take Junior under their wings. You have got to watch this!
                              The fun starts 1:00 minute into the video.

OPTION 4:  Servants of the Word.  They are a worldwide organization of missionaries and evangelists of consecrated men whose primary charism is the Charismatic worship ministry.   Their mission has saved my lukewarm Catholic life.  Their presentation still burns in my memory. “God’s mouth is very large,” our youth group leader pointed out. “So when He said I will spit the lukewarm out of my mouth,  I would hate to be a hocktooey in that lunger.”  Thanks to him, I'm always reflecting on (fearing) lukewarmness. Junior would be in good company if he joined them, safe in the confines of God's mouth.

P.S. The Brotherhood of Hope is an offshoot of this group.  This group in Florida of consecrated single men have a mission of praising God.   Download their fabulous worship and Christmas songs on i-tunes, puts me in a good mood every time. 

OPTION 5: The Benedictines. I've mentioned them several times as putting food on our table.  Husband works for the Benedictine monks and we love going to Confession and Mass with our favorite wise priests.  So if Junior shows a propensity for Gregorian chants, then I'll know he belongs at St. Bernard Abbey.  Arguably, chanting is not quite as lively as tap dancing, but something about an all-male Catholic choir just tugs at my heart.  Here are the monks guesting on Life on the Rock.

OPTION 6: Marriage.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I say a Hail Mary for every one of my children every day, either for their future spouses or for their religious vocation.  So, Junior will hopefully accept Our Lady’s graces and marry a Catholic girl, who takes her faith seriously.  If he ever asks me why its so important to share his faith with his girlfriend, I will show him my friend Gina’s honest and poignant advice to single people dating an agnostic.   (Go click on the link. Very few Catholics write about this kind of stuff, and Gina so courageously tells the truth). If he chooses to ignore Gina’s advice, I’m probably going to get to know St. Monica really well. 

OPTION 7: The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word. I’ll be honest: St. Francis spirituality has not fully captured me the way the Jesuits’ Ignatian Spirituality has and brown is not my favorite color.  BUT. If Junior did join this order, he’d make me the happiest mama alive since the friary is so close, I can tape him on EWTN and replay his Masses when I miss him.

            So there’s my blueprint for Junior.  I’ve been told by friends and family: “Buckle up! Having a boy is going to be a wild ride!”  and of course, I believe them and know that to be a fact  just as I know I'm not the perfect mother.   I’ll have to rely in Holy Mother Church and the Blessed Mother to supply my inadequacies and pray that Junior will make the right decisions to follow where God wants Him to go.  Really, that part is not much different than raising girls.  

P.S. I’m sure there are other wonderful orders that are out there, these are just the ones that I have close ties with.  What other orders do you know of that would look great on my list?

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Gina Guarnere said...
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Gina Guarnere said...

I'd never heard of Fr. Joseph Aytona but boy am I glad you posted about him! What a cool background!!!

Also, my son randomly told me he wanted to be a priest this past weekend (be still, my heart!).

I asked him "Why?" and he responded:

"Because he gets to sit in a big chair, talk and eat snacks."

Ha ha ha ha. Whatever it takes, Lord... whatever it takes!


Prayers for your little one, no matter his blessed vocation!

Gina Guarnere said...

Oh, and thanks for linking and the words of encouragement. You are a blessing!