Saturday, December 06, 2014

Care to Join Me for the Mystical Rose Hour of Grace?

The Mystical Rose ‘Hour of Grace’ may not be new to many of you.  But about six years ago, this devotion came to my attention at the time I needed it most.  We were trying to sell a house in a market that had crashed, and in desperate need of graces, I called on the “Mystical Rose” for help.  She didn’t fail me.

            The history is traced to a small town in Northern Italy called Montichiari.  Sometime in the spring of 1947, Our Lady appeared to a nurse named Pierina Gilli.  The Mother of God continued to appear to Pierina eleven times.  (For a detailed description of the apparitions and messages, click here) On December 8th, 1947, the seventh apparition, Our Lady introduced the Hour of Grace Devotion in the crowded parish where she was scheduled for an apparition and the rosary was being prayed in anticipation.

            “I am the Immaculate Concepcion,” she said with a smile. 

“I come here to Montichiari because it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as the ‘Rosa Mystica’.  I wish people to celebrate each year on December 8th at noon the hour of grace or the whole world.  With this exercise, one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces.  Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will be abundantly merciful as long as good men go on praying for their fellow men.  As soon as possible, let the Supreme Shepherd of the Church know that it is my wish that this hour of grace be publicized and spread throughout the world.  If someone cannot go to church at this time, he is to pray at noon at home, and he will receive graces from me…”

            The apparition was accompanied by miraculous healings.  Further instructions on how to pray during this hour came later:

     1.     The hour starts at noon; 
            2.   As an opening prayer, Psalm 51 must be prayed three times with arms outstretched;
    3.     One must be in continuous prayer at church or home until 1:00, with the rosary or personal prayer or silent prayer.

            Our Lady also said that this hour of grace will “produce great and numerous conversions.  Hardened and cold hearts resembling this marble will be touched by divine grace, and they will become faithful to Our Lord in loyal love.”

            With such a promise, I have a list of names of people to pray for.  If you can’t make the hour yourself and want me to include you and yours, I’d be glad to.  Please email me

The present Bishop, Msgr. Giulo Sanguineti, encourages pilgrimages and expressed openness to the apparitions in a letter to Dr. Mark Miravalle.


Gina Guarnere said...

So glad you sent this reminder!!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for posting this Annabell. We did do this hour in the church and it was great.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Gina, Our Lady reminded me. I'd skipped the last w years!

Lucy you are welcome. So glad you did it.

And to everyone who emailed me, rest assured I prayed for you all.