Friday, January 16, 2015

Saying Yes to Mother Teresa

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I’ve heard that it was hard for anyone to refuse Mother Teresa. Once, a French gift shop-owner had gratuitously offered her anything she wanted, i.e a token from the gift shop. Mother Teresa unblinkingly requested tens of thousands of miraculous medals for her to give away. The shop-owner, after recovering from shock at her insistence, let her get away with two truckloads of the medals.

I also know a priest from India who had been denied a visa to go on a mission trip to the United States.  But Mother sent him back to the American Embassy, along with a letter that “whatever you do for Fr. D, you do it to me.”  Father D got a visa.

Now, I’ve not had the privilege of crossing Mother’s path myself (the closest I came to her sari was when I did volunteer to work in one of the orphanages run by the Missionaries of Charity.) Also, we’ve already established I’m no Mother Teresa.  But when I asked the Holy Spirit to pick a patron saint for the year for me, Mother Teresa volunteered!  And since I know I can’t very well refuse her assistance, (not that I want to), I immediately re-read “Come Be My Light” (which contain her own writings and letters) and asked St. Teresa of Calcutta to inspire me with motherly wisdom for the upcoming year. 

Here are seven quick quotes from Mother Teresa’s book that jumped out at me and which are my seven guideposts for the year:

1.  “I want to become a real slave of Our Lady…I know what I want is above my strength –but He who has given me the desire will also give me strength to do the impossible.”

2. “Only one prayer I made –to give me grace to give saints to the Church.”

3. “My dear children—without suffering, our work would just be social work, very good and helpful, but it would not be the work of Jesus Christ, not part of the redemption… Suffering, pain –failure – is but a kiss of Jesus, a sign that you have come so close to Jesus on the Cross that He can kiss you.  Do not be discouraged.”

4. “Cling to the rosary as the creeper clings to the tree –for without Our Lady we cannot stand.”

5. “It is only when we realize our nothingness, our emptiness, that God can fill us with Himself.  When we become full of God then we can give God to others, for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

6.  “Accept whatever He gives and give whatever He takes with a big smile.”

Thanks, Mother!  I'm sailing into 2015 with your advice: become a slave to Our Lady and sit at her knees for teachings, guidance, and direction; to pray and promote the rosary more; be conscious about the mission of giving saints to the Church (building on each of my children’s strengths and helping them overcome weaknesses); to treat little sufferings as a kiss from the cross and empty myself from worldly distractions.  All this with a smile. (Houston, we might have a problem with that when labor pains come)

Its been amazing to read (again) that Mother Teresa made a vow never to refuse Jesus anything He asked under pain of mortal sin.  I can’t imagine the rewards she must be reaping for fulfilling that vow. Surely, if I invoke her intercession, Jesus won’t be able to refuse her either.  She did assure her sisters when they were sorry to see her failing health:

7. “Mother is here to help you, guide you, lead you to Jesus.  Time is coming closer when Mother also has to go to God. Then Mother will be able to help you more, guide you more and obtain more graces for you… Don’t worry.  Mother can do so much more for you in heaven.”

Should I test by asking her two truckloads of special intentions?



theresa EH said...

I read from a very reliable source that I cannot put my finger on at the moment that the reason Blessed Mother Teresa handed out so many medals was that our Blessed Mother told her that once the person accepted her medal that they belonged to her (the Blessed Mother) and that she would take care of that persons conversion to Her Son and there was no further need for Mother Teresa (or the giver of the medal) to chase after that person and evangelize them.

Anabelle Hazard said...

I love this Theresa. Thank you for telling me