Monday, January 12, 2015

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Families and the Village People

It doesn’t take superpowers to notice that all hell is breaking loose in our villages. Drug addiction, crime, racism, child abuse, divorces, sexual perversions, debt, abortion, and euthanasia have invaded our white picket-fenced suburbs.  If we’re waiting for our village chief, who promised “change” in his political campaign, to don his Superman costume, and solve all our problems, we’re in for some disappointment.  The supreme law of the land (e.g right to life) is not always implemented by powerful caped crusaders and if our superhero leaders can’t even put put their britches under their pants, they can’t be expected to fix all the broken hearts in our broken homes.  

            So, who’s going to save our society that’s falling apart? Hint: its not singlehandedly you or me. Egoism is the root of many an evil, and if we peruse the list of village problems, they all can be tracked to selfishness, self-centeredness, self-importance.   And no, we can’t expect the YMCA to save the village people either.

            The key to solving our village problems rests on the shoulders of a Holy Family.   The Latin meaning of family (“familia”) is servants of a household, and it is the family who serves each other, in and through Christ, that is the hope of the village.  My fellow blogger, Guy McClung, aptly put it when he said “It takes a holy family to raise a village.”  

             Our love and service to our families change the world. Yet we know this is no mean feat; we cannot rely on our limited human love alone.  We need the supernatural graces of Christ’s presence in our homes.  Christ can transform anyone and anything.  But because Christ chose to be born into a family, and destined the Immaculate Virgin to be his mother as the means of the Incarnation, He illustrated the importance of a family as a way of coming to reign in our homes.  So if we want to follow Christ’s example, what better way than to include His Mother’s assistance to cultivate a self-sacrificing Christ into our families?

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