Sunday, April 19, 2015

Giveaway for the Perfect First Communicant Gift

1.  In celebration of my daughter's upcoming First Communion, I'm hosting a giveaway and doing a movie and book review at Catholic 365.

2.     Here's an excerpt on the book review: 

        "...The “Dear God” novels by Patti Maguire-Armstrong is a series that features a couple of Catholic brothers who struggle with relatable experiences.  In “Dear God, I don’t Get It,” 12-year old Aaron Ajax believes God doesn’t answer prayers until his faith and courage are tested by a dilemma involving a neighbor and persecution in school.   In the second book, “Dear God, You Can’t Be Serious,” 9-year old Luke Ajax distresses over life-changing news that he’s going to be homeschooled.   How the brothers resolve the choices they face is influenced largely by the virtues extolled in their Catholic faith."

3.  For the full book and movie review, visit "The Perfect First Communicant's Gift at Catholic 365.    

4.  For an excerpt on the movie review of "The Greatest Miracle":

     “The greatest Miracle,” [is] a computer animated DVD drama that is well-crafted as it is insightful.   The story opens with a widow who has problems with her teenage son.  Her life briefly and rudely intersects a bus driver, whose son is comatose.  They both end up assisting Mass, where they physically see spiritual realities that are normally hidden from human eyes and they learn the truths that human hearts were made for.    The movie is an emotional drama (the good kind), supported by a gorgeous musical score to produce an inspiring spiritual eye-opener to the invisible miracles all around us. Our family has watched it over and over, each time absorbing more understanding about the truth of the Catholic faith, and appreciating the depth of the Eucharist. As a homeschooler, I find that it provides a stunning visual aid to our Catechism instruction. For us, the movie is a springboard for discussing spiritual warfare, Confession, Eucharist, purgatory, sainthood, death and prayers in school and around the dinner table..." 
5.  To win the book giveaway, say a prayer of choice for my daughter to have a lifelong devotion to the Eucharist (honesty system here, God's watching so I don't need to), leave a comment below with your email or email me   If it's a gift item, I can ship it to your favorite first communicant with a gift message. The giveaway ends April 30th, 2015.

6.  For the movie link, here is the first part on youtube.  (Hey, its free so it counts as a giveaway, right?)  The rest of part 3 and 4 will pop up on your youtube recommendation side bar.  Like I said, I highly recommend the movie (which I've watched over and over) --for children and adults.  If you want to buy the DVD (and you should), you can buy it at this website

7.   Good luck.


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