Thursday, May 14, 2015

7 Eye-Popping Headlines for May and Mother's Day

I really could tease you with some headline grabbing phrases for how the month of Mary and Mothers is going so far.   So I will. (And also join H/P/F/R and 7 QT)

1.  When Jesus Came Over with The Exorcist's Purse

            I called my favorite neighborhood exorcist for a confession appointment and left a message on his voicemail.  Couple hours later, Father asked if he could come over. I was tempted to arrange a scheduled visit for the following day because the house was in its customary disarray.  (*Blush*) But, as my husband pointed out, you don’t refuse if Jesus says he wants to come over.  You say, “Yes, I’ve got dinner in the oven.  Ready when you are.”  So Husband and I hurriedly salvaged our home and gave it a make-over that could pass for presentably eclectic.

            While Father visited with us and gave us an impromptu teaching on healing and deliverance (more on that in my next full post), our dogs got into his exorcism kit and tore up his leather pouch.  (*Mortified*) Thankfully, Father laughed it off and still agreed to pray over my sick daughter, anointing her with holy oil and water. (Thank God the dogs didn’t drink them).  Needless to say, the plague left us and I had a first hand lesson on not knowing the day nor the hour when your dogs will chew up Jesus’ purse.  

2.  Mary Came Over, Too

            The travelling statue of Fatima also graced our home. The visit was scheduled, but I have a feeling the Blessed Mother  understands some form of chaos in the home.   Or maybe not. She had only one child and He was perfect.  Then again, she’s got billions of children who live messy lives. I’ll stick with the theory that she understands, and I know for a fact she always helps.

3.   Awesome Advice from the Man Who showed up for the Mother’s Day Tea Party.  

             So our parish mom’s group organized a tea party and invited someone I thought was a quiet, serious Benedictine monk but who turned out to be a funny, wise, down to earth priest who knew a LOT about motherhood.  Father talked about finding sanctification in our work (oro et labora), moderation in entertainment and  balancing it with service, the importance of finding a role model for motherhood, and gave the best advice since don’t-tell-your-kids-you’re-showering-unless-you-want-to-be-interrupted. Father advised, “Whenever a person pops up in your thoughts (e.g old highschool friend), you need to drop to your knees and pray for that person because that’s your angel inspiring you to pray. Someday you’ll catch yourself thinking about your children and it’s a sure sign that they need prayers right NOW.”

4.  Mother’s Day Means Waking Up at 5 in the morning

            In most homes, those thoughtful husbands went shopping for ingredients for breakfast in bed and the wannabee chef kids cooked up a feast so mom could sleep in.  In mine, the day started earlier than usual with a bowl of cold cereal because my girls and I were thrilled that they were joining other children for the May crowning and offering roses to Our Lady at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament for the 7 AM Mass.  The crowning ceremony (with the Litany of Loretto, nuns singing like angels, and renewal of consecration to Our Lady,) led by Fr. Dominic (of EWTN fame) was beautiful, solemn, and worth every second of waking up at the crack of dawn.

       Sorry no pictures.  Photography inside the upper Church is not allowed. In lieu of, here’s a pic of my daughter’s award winning painting for the parish Marian Exhibit.

5.  Why I bought into the materialism of Mother’s Day

            I caved and bought my own mother’s day present when I saw these two books:

               I figured they’re wise investments if they make me a better momma. And honestly, I’d rather receive books than store bought flowers.  (Disclaimer: I’m not a flower hater. I do love flowers especially when my children pick flowers/weeds off our back yard and hand them to me at least once a week in the spring. *Achoo!*)  

6.  One Candlelit Night at the Grotto…

            There’s something about healing services and evening processions with the glow of candlelight  that I can’t resist.  The procession in question was in the Mini-Grotto of Lourdes at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament for the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. The faithful was sprinkled with Lourdes water and the priests used two relics of St. Pio (his glove) to pray for every. single. person. who was there.  Won't you join us for the next procession?  Its on the Feast of Mother of Perpetual Help.

             P.S. I love the Fatima procession so much that it’s a scene for the climax of my novel. Incidentally, did you know that processions are mini-pilgrimages, and thus, a way of offering penance?
Happy to be here.

7.  Milestone for Catholic Moms

            Teaching my children to read ranks up there as ‘greatest mom moments’. But surpassing that is preparing my children for First Communion (and hopefully, teaching them a love and devotion for the Eucharist.)  My second born receives First Communion on Ascension Sunday.


Bonus.  The Lawyer Turned Priest and the Need For Spiritual Mothers

            I realize this is getting long.  But I love the story of this lawyer turned priest as much as I love the writer of the article.  Spiritual motherhood is an actual vocation, too.  Do you feel called to be a spiritual mother of priests?  Prayer, constant prayer, is all they need.


Laura said...

Oh my, you live close to the Shrine? We love it down there. A number of years ago we looked into moving down there but, alas, it didn't come to pass. Those must be beautiful processions!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Yes Laura, I live relatively close to the Shrine. Its a good thing because I'm addicted to processions.

Gina Guarnere said...

What an awesome set of experiences! I choked up at the thought of prepping your daughter for Communion, because I know that's around the corner for my own son. Every Sunday brings me closer and closer to it, and I sometimes think I'll go crazy with anticipation. We're leaving him back a year, too, so it's like I gotta have him (and me) wait a whole other year.

But yes... I can't wait to see him receive his 1st Communion. God willing, it will be something that he, too, cherishes forever. <3

Bless you and your family, Anabelle. :)