Thursday, June 25, 2015

7 of My Favorite Parenting Posts

I’m part mom blog, you know that right?  But lately I haven’t been writing about parenting because I’m in the throes of it and don’t feel the need to advice or convince anyone of why we do what we do, much less condemn other parents why they do what they do.  However, for the curious, I’ve compiled 7 wonderful posts from my favorite mom bloggers, whose parenting styles are pretty close to mine and whose opinions are in sync with our parenting choices:

(Joining Kelly for 7 QT today.)

1.     Medicated or natural Childbirth? I’ve done both and I prefer natural childbirth. Someday, I want to try a birthing center like Carolyn.  Save for the setting, Jude's birth story was like my most recent one.  (Husband relaxing his legs while I was in killer contractions and a last minute demand for epidural.)

2.     Co-sleeping or Sleep training?  A nod to Micaela’s explanation on Why We Don't Sleep Train. See, in my culture, letting babies cry it out was never an option and recently reading what the American Pediatrics Academy warned about baby wise trained babies has me so relieved that I didn't even know there was such a thing as sleep/feeding training.

3.     Nursing Modestly. I fully agree with Kendra’s controversial modesty and nursing post "I Want It All: A nourished baby and good manners" as my personal preference.  I will say however that I’ve had to publicly nurse without coverage out of necessity and wasn’t comfortable with going half-commando; hence I cover up as a general rule.  But if some mamas hafta nurse uncovered, I'd understand.

4.    Prayer Time.  Our family rosary prayer time and philosophy is laid down by Stacy Trasancos in "Does Your Mind Wander When You Pray?" She is amazing, and I don’t say that just cause she’s my ed-in-chief.  I will add that we live by the Two Hearts' Communion of Reparation lifestyle of Daily Mass (3-4 times a week is manageable for us), frequent confession, Adoration and Daily Rosary.

5.     Catechism and Theology.  Leila stressed What She Did Right in Parenting  (which involves explaining the faith to children).  We cover Baltimore Catechism in our curriculum, plus the Leaven of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also instruct my children regularly.  To supplement that, we have apologetic type discussions all the time on the dinner table. My husband leads the discussion.  Sometimes, the topics go way over the younger ones' heads but that’s okay.  We will repeat lessons in future table discussions, and one day, the theology will click.

6.     Restrictions on the Teenage Years. Kathryn got outraged reactions to her What Every Parent Needs to Stop Doing and I honestly don't see why.  I second her opinion on computer and social media restrictions. Please feel free to slap me with her post when my children enter the teenage years.

7.     All Other Things. For all other things, I’m 99% in agreement with Nell’s strategies at Whole Parenting Family and Auntie Leila's Discipline Posts on Like Mother, Like Daughter.  I also admire both women because of their out of this world sewing skills, and Nell because she left the practice to parent and has gorgeous hair.


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