Friday, June 05, 2015

A Mini-Treatise on Healing From an Exorcist (and my Grandmother)

My prayer list of sick people is always growing. No sooner do I remove one name when five more are added.  The illnesses run the gamut from customary viruses to life-threatening Rocky Mountain fever to long-term cancer.  I’m not complaining, merely pointing out that my unofficial statistics prove that someone I love is always in need of healing.  At the rate diseases are affecting my family and friends and the rate previously unheard of new disorders are popping up, I’m rapidly becoming a hypochondriac. (Yes, I should add my name to my own list because hypochondria is no joke.)

            Before I coax out your anxiety disorders or depression tendencies, my friends, I have good news! Something you probably subconsciously knew but didn’t know how to tap into.  So let me bring in the pill of Vitamin D sunshine into your life and relay to you what my favorite exorcist told me (before our dogs chewed up his exorcism kit):

            “Jesus wants to heal us!” said Fr. Jose Viola. “Otherwise He wouldn’t have explicitly sent his apostles to go heal the sick.”

            (Can I get a chorus of “Amen” for that?)

             “Jesus,” Fr. Jose further taught us, “can heal us supernaturally by sending graces or naturally, through medicine and doctors. Healing can occur immediately or gradually.   The best remedies to use are natural ones because God provided us with medicines in nature.”  However, neither are we to refuse scientific advancement when it has the genuine cure.

            Moving on.  “Some diseases are caused by sin (our own fault).  Others are caused by the devil’s oppression.  How do we determine if its oppression?  When the illness prevents us from performing our daily duties. And if it’s a case of oppression, prayer always works.” 

            Since Father came over and delivered that mini talk, I can verify to healings in my family, and the ecstatic removal of names off my prayer list.  As an example, I prayed over my sick children, treated them with essential oils, elderberry syrup, and steam vaporizer and praise God, no more sleepless nights around here.  (I also use relics and the miraculous medal during prayer.)

            If I may be so bold though as to add to father’s advice, I try not to forget to thank God for the gift of healing He grants. I usually promise to attend Mass or Adoration at a pilgrimage site within a week. (For me it’s the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which is, a good distance but also a manageable one).  That’s what I learned from my great grandmother who had no recourse to medicine during the war.

            So there you have it.  Healing and deliverance in a nutshell: 

1.   Pray for healing.  Lay hands on the sick person if possible.
2.     Natural treatment is preferable.

3.     Act of Thanksgiving.

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