Saturday, June 27, 2015

The MOPH Party Book Launch

Welcome, friends, welcome!  

            I’m thrilled that you’re here to join me for this special occasion.  It’s so special that the blog header got a bright turquoise make-over, the side-bar and title fonts dressed up in complimentary coral, the blog widgets shaved and plucked; and even I lived a little and got my hair done and slipped on a (discount) lace and chiffon number.  (And by the way, you smell heavenly in Calvin Klein and look fab in your Vera Wang satin gown but um, didn’t you know you’re not supposed to out-shine the guest of honor?)

            *Awkward pause*

            As I was saying, the reason we’re all gathered in such excitement and opulence (or at least some people are) is because today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Not only is it the Feast Day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, it’s the culmination of a seven-year project, the mega-event of all turquoise blog events, like the seventh day grand opening of the Garden of Eden! It's...

                               … my BOOK LAUNCH! 

            Oh no you don’t, no one leaves the room till they hear my full speech. Security! Lock the doors! Quick! Stop those people, and uh, tell them they don’t get door prizes till the end.  And for goodness sake, settle down everybody so that we can hear a warm round of applause for me:  Anabelle Hazard, author.

            (*Enthusiastic applause in the front row*)  Thanks, Mom.

            As you know, once upon a time, I wrote a manuscript entitled “Sand and Water.” I self-published with Bezalel Books, created a website, went on a few speaking gigs… and then had a baby.  

            Oh no, I’m not blaming the baby for the fizzle of my novel.  The truth is, it wasn’t well written.  The structure was good, the story was great.  (Or so I’ve heard from readers.) But the writing meh  Okay fine, I’ll admit it was a hack job.  I realize now after I’ve read one million writing and editing books and being a writer and editor for websites, that not all lawyers can turn into John Grishams overnight.  (Evidently, not even John Grisham is on the same league as Jane Austen). So, my fiction writing was one of those cases where God inspires you with a dream to open a lemonade stand, and you throw in a couple of lemons and tap water and call it good.  In other words, you don’t use your full potential in actualizing the dream. No sugar, no ice.

            Over the last year, I found my sugar and ice, and furiously revised “Sand and Water.” It’s gone through at least 99 kajillion drafts, and I didn’t stop until I was fully satisfied.  I honestly now believe its worth your time reading.  And I apologize for subjecting you to the earlier draft  and thank you if you still said you liked it. You are too kind.  (I love you, too, Mom)

            It was a difficult decision to redesign the cover, as it was painted by a half-blind artist and friend.  It was also a tough call to change the title.   But to reflect the sleeker tone, modern style, edgier characters, and the additional storyline, I came up with something fresh. And for this I’d like to thank Canva, my new hero in blog and book design.

            I love this revised novel now more than ever, and I hope you will, too.  So, without further ado, I unveil…

         Wait, wait. Drumroll please.

          More drum roll…


             To download “Written in the Sand and Stars”, you’ll have to sign up to subscribe to my emails on the upper right tab. You will need to confirm your subscription and the final welcome email will give you a link on where to download the novel.  Don’t worry, I won’t flood your inbox.  You know I write only 2-4 blog posts a month, and since I’m working on the second novel, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to the same frequency.

            So enjoy, my friends.  If you like “Sand and Stars”, would you consider writing a review on your blog, sharing on social media, or emailing a review to me to publish in snippets?  If you do, I will let you get a sneak peek at my second novel "Fireflies Dance" as soon as it’s ready.  

            Thanks for coming to my book launch. Don’t forget to claim your door prize at the upper right hand tab-- What the Hey, did Security just throw a lemon at me?  Go get them, Mom!...  I’ll see you at the next book launch, friends.  Till then I’ll be here blogging away.



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