Friday, September 25, 2015

The Sacramentals for Tough Times and Etc...

A reader who randomly chanced on one of my posts had several questions for me. I thought the answers would benefit y’all so with permission, I’m making the Q and A public:

What prayers and sacramentals do you recommend to help you through tough times?

1.     The Rosary.  St. Lucia said “There is no problem, no matter how difficult it is...that cannot be solved by the rosary.”
2.     St. Michael prayer. (If it's a spiritual attack, I need heavenly wisdom and strength.)
3.     The Precious Blood prayer: “Lord Jesus Cover me with your most precious blood.”
4.     Adoration.  Adoration always reminds me Who is God and Who is in charge, and I never leave the Adoration chapel without the gift of peace.
5.     Miraculous Medal. Our Lady promised St. Catherine of Sienna "special graces to those who wear her medal around the neck."
6.     The purple scapular given to the mystic Julie Marie-Jahenny. Its supposed to give protection from calamities; it hangs on our wall.

7.     The green scapular - I place it around the neck or over the bedpost of someone sick (or in need of conversion).
8.     Exorcised Salt, water and oil –for sprinkling all over, whenever, whoever.
9. Consecration to the two hearts.  Being reminded that I belong to Our Lord and Our Lady helps me remember that I promised my fiat and that they are doing something with my offering.
10.     The Medal of Our Lady Guardian of the Faith (I just got this recently when the seer Patricia Talbot visited our parish.  More on that later.)

 Is there a certain St. Benedict medal size that you prefer?  What are the best places to place them in the house? Have you felt a difference in your life when you started wearing it or having it around the house?

            We have the 7 inch exorcism cross (the medal imbedded in the cross) above our front door, a 2 inch exorcism cross over garage door, and the patio door to ward off evil from every thing and person that enters our home. The exorcism cross is on my keychain so I carry it with me at all times.   I’ve been meaning to sew the half inch medals to my children’s brown scapulars and now that you mention it, I’m going to take out my needle and thread.

            I grew up with a medal on our doors and studied at a school with a medal inscribed on our uniforms.  When I went away to college, I kind of forgot about the medal until after getting married when my husband tacked it over our front door.   During the years when the medal was in close proximity, my faith has been solid and Orthodox, my sacramental life and love for the Church flourished and I’m surrounded by friends who are good influences in my spiritual life. I don't know if its the medal or the rosary or both, but I'm more attuned to that prickly feeling about a dangerous situation/place or an unfavorable person in my children’s lives, or mine. And there have been too many near misses because I listened to that persistent warning.  As for years I had forgotten about devotion to the medal, my soul was, let's just say, an endangered species. 

When you pray the daily rosary, do you struggle? Do you feel emotionally, physically, mentally drained?  Do you feel things go against you?

Yes, praying the daily rosary with three children and a baby is constantly a struggle!  We usually pray after dinner, but if we are attending daily Mass, we pray in the van on the way to/from Church.   Each of the children take turns leading a decade to ensure participation.  If I catch them picking at fingernails or braiding their hair during the rosary, I’ll take out my phone and say, “I’m going to take a picture of your nails/hair and post it on the altar so you can pray to your new god.”   It’s exasperating to be praying and calling their attention, but we persevere. On the rare occasion that we skip, I’ll pray an extra rosary by myself.

I can’t say I feel drained but I’ve noticed there is the feeling of isolation and distancing from situations and people and who don’t share the same prayer life and priorities. I suppose its a necessary consequence of a growing spiritual life.  The deeper one's immersion in eternal things, the more detached we are from temporal things and the less we have in common with the "values" of the world. 

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