Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Job That Landed on my Shoes

I’m just pumped like a fat bouncy house with a swarm of jumping kids, and here’s why:

1.     The esteemed position of resident book reviewer for Catholic Stand just fell from the heavens and landed on my eager palms! Its so official that our dynamic Ed-In-Chief Diane McKelva is going to issue a Press Release.  A PRESS RELEASE!  A press release with MY NAME on it… Oh dear, what am I going to wear?

2.     If you remember my most widely read book review when I suffered the excruciating dilemma between buying a new pair of shoes and a hardbound book, and I wound up picking the book and repurposing it as sandals, you’ll understand why I'm going Woohoohoohoo like Tigger all over the place.  Not only do I get a library of freebie books, I can allocate my budget to adorn my feet (and splurge on the Coffee Bean's pure double chocolate ice blend.)

3.     I’m going out on a limb here by assuming you already know the job description of "book reviewer" but I also want to make sure you know what else this means. It means that this blog is still going to write about the usual, but reading and writing about books more instead of lapsing into frumpy oblivion like I did over the summer. (If its been quiet around here, its because I made more of an effort to enjoy live moments instead of documenting them.  And when I did document, I shuffled them over to Instagram because filtered pictures speak a thousand blog posts. Am I following you yet? Let’s be IG buddies, okay.) 

4.     Can we talk about IG? My mind is all abuzz with ideas I could shoot to jump on the #currentlyreading posts over there. What’s the craziest, weirdest, prettiest pics of books you’ve come across?  Any cool book grammers I should be following to inspire me to get past the lame pictures of books posing with my librarian shoes?

5.  When I first typed a book review on a word processor back in the day, I never dreamed the position of Catholic book reviewer was something to aspire for.  Come to think of it, I wasn't widely enthusiastic about writing a review when I could've been off reading another book.  And the text book samples of how to write a book review were certainly no help in stirring inspirations.  Because who wants to write about or read about a book and then buy said book when the book review isn’t a compelling read in the first place, amiright?  Pray for me as I attempt to break out of the mold and write/right a grievous wrong against writers.
Pic from my sisters room cause I'm not cool enough to own a pic of a library like that 

6.      Apart from the shoe hoarding benefits of my new job, I am excited as a hen on a hot griddle to connect with authors, interview them, and promote them.  As an indie fiction author, I well understand the need for writers to help each other market the beauty of Catholicism through God our given writing talent.  If your work needs a shout out via Catholic Stand, shoot me an email.

7.     Since I have standards, I do have a system for review:  

1 star means =needs improvement
2 stars means =Meh for me (though maybe not for you)
3 stars means =Inspiring, informative or entertaining enough
4 stars means =Engaging and educational. Buy yourself a copy, your soul will thank you.

5 stars means =Forget the budget for your next project.  This book is faithful to the Magisterium, well written and style appropriate to genre, go grab five copies for yourself and every person on your gift list.

           *Its not that I'm a book snob but I do want my recommendation to mean something so that when you find a blurb on a book cover like "A work of art obviously written by the finger of God --Anabelle Hazard," you can trust me me.  Fair enough?

See you on the other side of the press release! Joining Kelly for 7 quick takes today. 

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Mary N. said...

Anabelle, you always make me smile! Congratulations! Yup, I sure DO remember your "most widely read book review" Who could forget?