Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Prayer Book to the Rescue + Giveaway

            If you learned prayers oido style as a child, then you’ve probably thrown a few funky words in and caused a giggle or two, such as when my nephew used to pray: “Hail Mary full of grace…blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your melon…”

            A former roommate also believed the words to “Take and receive O Lord …Only thy grace thy love on me bestow, these make me rich, all else will I forego” were “Only thy grace, thy love on me bestow, please make me rich, all else will I forgo.

            And the hilarious Nancy once recited the Act of Contrition in the Confessional as, “Oh my God, I am partly sorry for having offended thee…”

            Mercifully, there’s a book to the rescue for the confused.  

            Dominic de Souza’s “Sense of the Sacred”, Illuminated Book of Catholic Prayers, is a gorgeous prayer book for children that contains all the essential prayers you want your children to know.  It also lists other prayers you didn't even know but want to learn by heart, like the Divine Praises, Invocation in Honor of the Holy Wounds, and Prayer Before a Crucifix.  (The latter prayer comes with a plenary indulgence in case you didn't know.  When we began learning it, my children scrambled over my Pieta Book after each Communion that it usually turned into a colossal fight over who got it first and I wound up with a ripped cover at the end of Lent. We never memorized it. Once again, prayer book to the rescue.)

            The book is beautifully illustrated on high quality stationary paper, even the font is pretty.  It makes for a meaningful Christmas present because isn't it great that generation after generation of Catholics have said the same prayers of the saints over and over?  The prayer book serves as a coloring guide for the companion coloring book, which features fine illustrations from the talented artist that is Mr. De Souza.  I am giving away the coloring book (not the carpet) to a lucky reader until December 16th.  Just comment below or email me your email address

            Both books and a lot of other quality Catholic selections are available at Peanut Butter and Grace.  You can guess my Christmas shopping will be over there. 

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Kathy Tauke said...

Looks like a lovely book!! Thanks for the give away! Kathy