Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Piano Donor, Near Death and Other Odds and Ends

Did the New year just arrive without a word from me?  My bad. But now that the Christmas decor has been boxed up and ordinary time has begun,  let me share what's been going on of note via 7QT and HPFR link up.  (Thank you for hosting Auntie Leila and Kelly.)

1. My beloved grandmother passed away on the Feast of the Baptism, so before the sun set, I made sure to cross the holy doors of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  The holy doors of mercy, in case you haven't heard from the Catholic sites which I'm sure you subscribe to, is a special privilege granted by Pope Francis in this year of mercy.  Normally reserved for four doors in the Vatican, Pope Francis gave authority to the dioceses around the world to designate a holy door for a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions- read more here.)

{Happy to do this and the 9 day Mass novena for my grandma}

2.  Did I ever tell you the story of the piano donor?  Last year, while the older girls attended Little Flower class, my youngest and I went to Eucharistic Adoration.  This sweet elderly couple got to know my youngest and decided to donate their piano to her when they downsized.  I've long been wishing for one in our home though never said anything about it, so I'm firmly convinced when we adore Jesus, He hears those silent wishes of our heart, just as much as He hears all those fervent prayers.  Amiright?

3.  Since receiving the piano, it's been overplayed but the decor around it was neglected until a few days ago when I decided to put together a (kind of) gallery wall/piano mantel.  And on top of it is the fitting sign: Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 
(Pretty if I do say so myself) I call it the farmhouse meets coastal religious theme.

4.  On the homeschool front, I heard the 8 year old, "Mom, how do you spell amphibians?"  The kindergartener answered, "Here, I'll show you..."


5.  I found another near death experience worth reading.    Strong caution: it contains adult material, and the person was heavily involved in the occult and new age. But during her illumination of conscience, she hears Our Lady say, " Your life is mine." 

       ... At that moment I understood that the most Blessed Virgin Mary wanted me to consecrate my entire life to her and serve her. To have me fully at her service, she asked me to remain simple, to ignore myself and to be sober in all things. The Blessed Virgin loves humility. She also made me know that she would always be my intercessor near God. When we pray to her and serve her, the Virgin Mary is always grateful.

6.  I said I would write book reviews, so here's the first one I wrote for Catholic Stand.  

{Real} A book too distressingly real for me.

7.   I have more book reviews and author interviews lined up, I can hardly contain my excitement "meeting" all these Catholic writers!  So stay tuned, and if you're visiting from the link ups, I hope to see you again. 


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