Monday, February 27, 2017

That Moment I interviewed Fr. Donald Calloway

            I must have forgotten to link the book review and interview I did with Fr. Donald Calloway.  Yes, THEEE Fr. Calloway. Anyway, I wrote a 5 star review.  (Did you expect anything less?) and here are some excerpts of my interview questions:

1.      Your book premise is that the rosary is a weapon.   Is it correct to say that devotion to the rosary is also necessary tool to holiness?

Technically, devotion to the rosary is not necessary for salvation.  However, no one who truly believes in Jesus Christ and the fullness of truth as taught in Catholicism can be opposed to or against the rosary.  In all honesty, anyone who is against the rosary will never be raised to the honors of the altar.  How could he/she? To pray the rosary is to pray the New Testament.  To pray the rosary is to meditate on the saving mysteries of Jesus Christ and crown the beautiful head of the Queen of Heaven with spiritual roses.  Any person who opposes such things, can’t be holy.

2.      Your conversion experience was wrought by Our Blessed Mother and your mother.  What was your mother’s secret to your conversion? Does she (or you) have any advice for us mothers who want our children to love the Blessed Mother and Holy Mother Church?

The secret my mother used was the secret that St. Louis de Montfort wrote about, namely, the secret of the rosary.  The rosary has power.  When my mother had her conversion to Catholicism, she began to pray the rosary daily for the healing of her marriage and the conversion of her delinquent son (me).  It worked!  When a person allows themselves to undergo a daily conversion of heart to Jesus, participation in the sacramental life of the Church, adherence to the teachings of the Church, and praying the rosary daily, heaven responds with an outpouring of grace and mercy. 

So if you haven't already read it, would you visit Catholic Stand for the rest of the interview?  I really did try to limit my questions.  

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