You can relax. God doesn’t blog nor would I sacrilegiously presume to use ‘God’ as my pseudonym.  But I do believe the finger of God is writing my life story and I, Anabelle Hazard, try to cooperate with my free will and chronicle what I can with my fingers.

I was born and raised a Catholic -- a good one, so I thought.  I only realized how delusional I was when I found myself on the verge of my law school graduation, dusting off a Bible to randomly land on the page-turning book of Tobit.   Tobias was led by the archangel Raphael to travel on an adventure, find the woman God created for him since the beginning of time and return home a rich man. Why exactly, wasn’t my life as exciting and fulfilling?

         I wanted it all, so I begged God to write my story.  Amazingly, God did write my love story like Tobias':  miles and oceans of travel, true love with the man of my prayers, and uncovering all the sparkly jewel-toned riches of the Catholic faith.

I write here, at Catholic Stand, Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane about the treasures I’m discovering in my still uncompleted journey home to heaven:  the Eucharist, Our Lady, saints, angels, scripture, mysticism, private revelations and devotions that have helped me.  I might mention my raspberry-smacking, crayon-toting children, who are paving my road to sanctification... and whatever else these fingers are in the mood to write about.

I give away Catholic novels because God didn’t charge me a cent when He agreed to author my biography and I am assured that my happy ending doesn’t involve monetary profit.  The +AMDG+ at the end of my posts mean Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam because my hope for each piece of writing is to point only to the Glory of God... to Jesus through Mary.  (And also, I’ll add those up as IOU’s when I knock on those pearly gates.)

The Finger of God at the Sistine Chapel
“A Love Story Written By the Finger of God” was the original title of my still unpublished non-fiction book, which was shelved when I started blogging and meeting wonderful Catholic writers all over the world.  My first blog entry will explain how and why I began to blog.   (It’s about the time I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.  Click here if you want TMI.)          

            Thank you for reading and welcome to my unapologetically Catholic chick lit, enthroned and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, draped under Our Lady of Guadalupe's softest turquoise, embellished with mysticism and whimsy, featuring:

               Truth,       Beauty,         Love,                    and Humor.

                You can stay awhile or subscribe.  But if you leave and have to take only one thing with you, I hope you're inspired to ask God to write your story. It'll be a grand adventure, I promise.



Cyril Drew Chu Lo said...

Hi Annabel. I chanced upon your blog and I was intrigued by your story. I was wondering if I could email you.

Kind regards


Anabelle Hazard said...

Hi Cyril, sure. It's bythefinger@yahoo.com God bless you!